Coded HRM transmitters

I have a question. I have just bought a wearlink coded transmitter. I thought I would have to do something to tune it into my monitor but from the instructions, it seems not. What I don't understand then is how the transmitter knows which is my monitor - if someone beside me was wearing a transmitter too, couldn't our monitors pick up the other's heart rate instead? So, I would have his heart rate on my monitor and he'd have mine on his? This no doubt shows a gross lack of understanding of the technology behind it but I am confused and wondered if anyone knew the (not too technical) answer.



  • When you put on a coded Transmitter the HRM (needs to be one to make use of the coded functionality, say a S710) does a handshaking activity when you start it up … it basically searches for the closest transmitter and locks itself to the signal

    It sometimes gets confused, cant find or looses the signal . to relearn the signal you normal hold the HRM close to the transmitter while running and it switches to you zones to indicate it has found and acquire the coded transmition

    Hope that explains things
  • except coded is not foolproof - my coded Polar HRM kept stopping at FLM as I suspect it was getting confused with other transmitters.......

    at Ironman Switzerland it was fine on swim and bike, but got all confused again on the run as I was closer to other competitors.............

    might send it back to Polar to get it checked but given the criticisms the new dealers have had - maybe not
  • if it ever get confused - try holfing it close to the chest strap for a few seconds to hep it relearn
  • I know that WW - but it's a bugger keeping track of mile splits and progress say in a marafun when the bloody thing keeps stopping due to interference - and with so many other runners around you bleeping away with their HRM's and the noise of grunting and feet slapping, you don't always hear the thing bleeping to say it's stopped.........

    was really peed off at Ironman that I don't have a complete HRM record of my efforts - only the first 8 hrs.........
  • thanks folks.

    only the first 8hrs huh? OMG!!! Cannot conceive of exercising for that amount of time!
  • yeh - it went on for another 5:13 hrs...........
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