Nottingham relays

or is everyone doing London this weekend?


  • M and I will be there - our club is putting in one men's team and 4 mixed teams.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Wot Nottingham relays - where?

    LizzyB (Nottingham)
  • Its the National Club Triathlon Relays

    national relays
  • well, that's three of us then...

    which club are you? can't remember whether you're Harriers or Chasers! (or quite poss neither!)

    Lizzy - if you wanted to enter, someone was offering places in their team on tri-talk... cos of the clash with London, quite a few clubs seem to be short of people this year. Women's and mixed races are morning, men's in the afternoon on Saturday.
  • Snail, almost right! I was a Mornington Chaser (still am second claim in fact), but when I moved out of London I joined FVS Tri, who are also an affiliated running club.

    I'll keep an eye out for you on Saturday and come over to say hi if I can fight my way though all the swarming Serpies!
  • didn't even realise you'd moved out! doh!

    Well, I'll look out for you too - what's your kit? Are you in a men's or mixed team? I'll be racing in the morning, of course, but will be watching the guys in the afternoon.
  • I'm "racing" for Cov Tri this weekend.

    Naturally, I have already apologised to my 3 team mates......
  • I've fractured my tibia but haven't dared tell my team mates yet...

    I'm fine to race, but I probably won't be pushing that sprint finish on the run!
  • Went ok for us and I really enjoyed the weekend. It's a pretty good event
  • Most enjoyable event yesterday. Shame the weather wasn't quite as good as last year (really was quite chilly when the sun went in) but looks like I managed to catch the sun a bit anyway. Swim wasn't too bad, bike was good fun despite the headwind on the far side, and I enjoyed the run as had plenty of targets to overtake :-)

    Snail, looked out for you, but there were vast amounts of Serpies everywhere so didn't see you.

    Looking forward to this again next year!
  • it was a good weekend.

    ffm - we saw the coventry tri spotty banner but didn't really know how to approach the group given we didn't know your name :-(

    snail - hope you guys had a good one - there seemed to be serpies everywhere! errrm - hope the tibia is ok? fractured but ok to race on????
  • M, if you had asked for the slowest bloke in the team any of of the Spots would have pointed at me......
  • but you're fastest.....
  • the rest of the Spots are skinny buggers...
  • i was assuming that was just an optical illusion caused by the spots....
  • I also saw the spotty guys - standing right next to us - but couldn't really identify FFM from his photo and like M, didn't want to ask for 'Fastest Fat Man'!

    venom, I also looked out for you but didn't see you at all! Realised I don't actually know what M looks like... Yes, there were 40 or so Serpies, so great fun. I had a cr@p swim though, got weed tangled round my neck going round that first buoy, panicked and didn't recover. It was my first OW tri, I got my wetsuit only three weeks ago and have been on hols for 2 weeks, so didn't have time to practise. I knew it was going to be tough but I hadn't even considered the possibility of weed and didn't know how to deal with it. Urrrggghhhh! Glad that's over. Bike was good, but I was rubbish on the run. No more rubbish than usual, but I'm not a good runner!

    My leg seems to be fine, I ran on the grass all the way and that helped. I went for a run yesterday and it's ok so I'll just see how it goes...

    Are any of you guys doing Concorde next weekend? I'm looking forward to that one a bit more - no weed in a pool swim!
  • last man out of the lake, last man off the bike, not last man to finish run!!
  • Last man out of transition for both the morning and the afternoon :-)

    Snail, don't be hard on yourself, you were great!! As was everybody else competing!!

    Great weekend!!
  • Hey BigBob, you know my swim was cr@p!

    Think the best bit of the swim (in retrospect) was when I'd got so dizzy and disorientated that all I could remember was "keep the buoys on the right" - so I did, and went round... and round... those canoeists were fab! Particularly the one who was trying so hard not to laugh as he told me I was heading back the way I'd come - he then gave me my very own escort back to the shore cos I couldn't see a bloomin' thing. Everything was swimming except for me...

    BigBob was particularly impressive though. We did notice that by the afternoon you'd perfected your T1 salutes to the grandstand!

    I did have a great day, and am definitely up for next year. Hopefully by then I'll be a little more experienced and have done just a bit more training!!! I think I'm going to fill my bath with aquatic plants and practise submerging myself in it. Or swim with a knife between my teeth next time!

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