Sneaking home

Have just read the thread on thinking about sex whilst running.

Better than that is 'sneaking', which for those not initiated in the pastime, is going for a run after dark, stripping naked, then running home in the nuddy.

As a thrill seeker, it's hard to beat.

Can't do it in town centres (that's called streaking), and remote countryside doesn't really count either - the trick is to dodge behind cars or into gardens on the way home to avoid being detected. Summertime is also the best time of year.

For best effect try it with your best (opposite sex) pal.

Prize for the best report by the end of the week.


  • I thought that was called a stag night ;o)

  • Snoop is this an invitation for jon?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    You sound very knowledgable Snoop. Are you to be the first to post a "sneaking" report? How many times have you "sneaked"? And did you get caught? Did you do it after dark, or in broad daylight?

    I suspect that Scotland is not the best place for this practice, due to both the temperature and the midgies, but if I do succumb to temptation, of course the forum will be the first to know (hopefully, and not the local constabulary!)
  • Sounds strange Snoop. Glad I live 50 miles away from you ;-)

    JL - How are you feeling today John Wayne
  • I've done a few of these. Fortunately, I then wake up.
  • Personally speaking Jeanne, the most recent, and only attempt this year, was down at Croyde Bay in North Devon earlier this month, when on a holiday camp site.

    Went for a jog along Saunton Sands, and then a skinny dip on a really warm evening.

    Didn't bother putting on running gear afterwards, and being only a mile and a half from the site, ran back around headland along the Coastal Path then thru the camp site - that was the tricky part as it was a family site - don't think I was observed, but a couple of close calls.
  • BK - Legs are fine today, but seem to be covered in insect bites from Sundays race.

    Are you still walking like John W?
  • So now I know what the cyclist whom I passed in my car a few weeks ago was doing. I wondered why the poor old geezer was pedalling along one of Birmingham's main roads in the total scud - assumed that either he was one of our care in the community success stories or his lady of the night had impounded his clothes in lieu of payment.

    Thanks, Snoop!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Jason - A lot better. Tempted by Theale, DW's and Mrs and doing it?

    V-rap - I don't think Snoops going to take too kindly to 'poor old geezer'. He's not poor, I've seen his car. And one Geezer is enough. As for the old...
  • What about his car? I need to know how I'll be travelling to windsor!
  • Its an open top Alfa I think. You'll be in the boot
  • BK - Not doing Theale.
    Need to do 14 this weekend for my dublin training. Also trying my first 5k on Monday.
  • Lovely! Although I suspect he'll hire a brown Austin Allegro for my benefit
  • Jason. Good luck with the 5k, I want to do one sometime. where is it?

    Jon - Be gratefull for small mercies as someone once told from Devon when they saw this bloke running around naked.
  • Tee Hee! I was thinking of you last night when I had red knees!
  • That makes Ratbag and I who both have to worry about you then. Careful Jon it takes nothing to get a reputation on this site especially once New Runner has you in her sights
  • Snoop - I think you need to graduate from sneaking to real streaking. I did it once, at midnight before exams at university, along with lots of other mad, stressed out students. Snow and ice everywhere! I'm sure I set a sprinting PB that night! When you know people are watching, you definitely go faster. Anyway, enjoy your naughtiness while the summer weather still lasts.
  • GASP! They're everywhere!

    BK- Worry all you want, it won't change me!
  • Snoop, if you do it in daylight, don't forget you've got more places to put the suntan lotion. Oh, this doesn't bear thinking about
  • Baby oil? Thats an innocent comment btw!
  • BK - The 5k is in Barking, Essex.
    I was going to run a 1500m tomorrow night too, but don't think I've quite recovered from Burnham Beeches yet.
  • I take it this is something that you do often then Snoop?

  • Bit far for me Essex. If you ever do one over this way Jason then give me a shout.
  • BK - I'll let you know
  • The only equivalent I've experienced was playing beach volleyball with a group of naked German hippies.
    No, please keep all ball puns to yourselves.
  • Actually Hilly, I lost my sneaking virginity on your manor when camping at Swanage a few years ago (you live in Dorset dontcha?).

    Inspired by the nudists at nearby Studland Bay, I went back to the car park in the altogether. Not particularly brave, given the circumstances, I'll admit, but you have to start somewhere.

    Since then, I'm just an occasional sneaker - full moon, baying wolves, character change etc..
  • So Laura,

    Was it just the Germans who were naked or did you join in???
  • Never had the guts (or insanity) to sneak but I used to skinny dip in the Thames when I lived in London after a good night out (this was before they had invented Weil's disease) Once the current was a bit treacherous and I climbed up the ladder to find I was opposite Barnes police station, starkers at 4am. We made our way home in an extremely orderly fashion just in case the 4 PC's who watched my progress felt like offering us a cell for the night.

    Also driven a car naked - great fun but I'm not sure that counts...
  • For some really strange reason, I have no desire to try this one out no matter how this one is sold to me.

    Mr Running Muppet once streaked down the High Street of Coulsdon with another guy from the club after the annual pub crawl (an 18 miler with a pub every few miles - the idea is to down a pint at every pub). This now sounds beyond tame after Daisy Dog's brush with the law. BTW, where's the pic gone DD?
  • Ooooops, I can see your lovely furry canine self bright and clear now DD - not sure what happened there.
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