Nike Zoom Waffle

Can anybody tell me if Nike Zoom Waffles are spikes are not ?

I'm after a really flat pair of shoes like the New Balance RC150 or similar and I've heard conflicting descriptions of Zoom Waffle some as spikes and some as spikeless track shoes. Which is correct ?


  • I think Nike make both models, spikes and spikeless... I've only seen the spikes advertised though...
  • The only place I've seen the spikeless ones is NikeTown, London Village. They can easily be identified as they are yellow with green accents, as opposed to white with red accents. Also, spikes RRP @ £40, spikeless @ £45. I also seem to remember the intended use of the zoom waffles is indoor track shoes or Walsh alternatives. Theyre not road goers. If memmory serves me correct the NBRC150's are no support road racers. I would recomend the Nike Zoom Vapor if thats what your after (in Nike). Have used it myself before I realised I overpronate (whoops!) and at 165g approx. with a super comfy fit and quite reasonable cushioning, for a racer, its agood road flat. Hope this helps, KK
  • They are definitely spikes - whether they are also something else I don't know.

    Andrew I was told that the RC150 was available direct from New Balance - someone from NB does post on here sometimes so it is worth contacting them and asking.
  • KorsaKing is spot on,the spikeless shoes are green and yellow,the spikes are white,red and blue.The spikes have been getting good reports in the press.The spikeless shoes can also be found at Personal Best in Oldham and a few other shops in the North.
    The Zoom Vapor racers are exceptionally light and designed for efficient runners with a light footstrike over shorter distances.
  • Is that Zoom Vapor or are you talking about the Air Streak Vapor IV? This seems to be the sort of thing that Andrew might be after. Take a peek at (bit slow to download though)

    I saw some in Niketown at Oxford Circus and they look the business though I haven't actually tried them out. I might go further than sensible though and say that they are really only for forefoot strikers who let their legs do the cushioning.

  • Yupp, it is indeed. Thanks for clarifying the ambiguous naming of the shoe model that I provided MH.
  • I sometimes think that these descriptions of shoes as only being for efficient runners over short distances are taken a bit too far. I am sure that 90% of us could race upto 10k in a pair of those old school plimsolls and experience nothing more than a bit of discomfort during the race. I'm not saying that we can all train in flats but if you believe some shoe reviews you'd think we should all be racing in Brooks Beasts.
  • These Nike shoes, are they cross country spikes or just normal track distance spikes? I have a pair of Asics cross country spikes and there good but i would like to get some better ones. Please give me some advise.
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