Macclesfield 1/2M

Anybody entered the Macc 1/2M ? And do you HAVE to run for charity ? The entry form states to enclose your "sponsorship declaration slip" with your entry. Does this mean you have to raise money ? I raise loads once a year for the London Marathon, I don't think I would get the same response if I tried it for every race I ran.


  • I've sent an application for the Macc 1/2 Marathon, and also wondered about the charity "requirement", as I just don't have time to find sponsors. They still havn't sent me anything back yet after a couple of weeks, so we will see!
  • People have just started receiving their race numbers. I'm pretty certain that sponsorship is not compulsory, although they're obviously keen to plug it. I believe that they've had around 500 entries to date (max 1000).
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