The New Mag (Part 2)

My subscription copy of Runner's World comes a little late so I missed the earlier mails but it looks though I'm alone in regretting the changes?
What's up?
Well the print seems smaller and harder to read (I'm MV60)
There are great blocks of text without guide marks (eg pages 26 & 27, 48 & 49, 68 and 69)

Worst of all is the race diary
has been my main reason for buying the thing for the last 8 years

The information given is reduced
- I specifically like to know if there are showers or refreshments and what the memento is likely to be.

The size gives me a headache

I find difficulty in distinguishing the icons.

I do like the layout for "Worldly Wise" and "Redeeming Features" (Just to show I'm not actually Victor Meldrew) And it's good to have a cover pix that isn't an obvious model running in bright sunshine!

Oh well - I guess things have to change but I'm not sure I shall continue to subscribe


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