Positive mental attitude?

"Only two things can stop me - attitude and injury"

Twinges in the hinges, heart rate OTT, how far is far enough, too far, how to avoid injury etc - all this I can cope with, and I'm finding lots of information and advice on the forum.

But what happens about training the most important part of me - the bit between my ears?

How do I keep believing I can do the training as the mileage increases between now and April? Has this been discussed here before, if not, what advice or experience do people have?

I can't be the only person who experiences doubt, can I?


  • nope you are not, I think most of us have been there and done it.

    For me, I find that mental attitude is a huge factor in my running, its the determination to keep going when you feel you wanna stop......then getting home and saying to yourself...' I didn't quit...looking at the watch and saying yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

    We do it cos we have to/want to....cos we all have a dream/goal...and achieving that makes us go out on a cold jan morning when all the'normal' people think we are nuts, that makes what we do soooooooo self rewarding.........

    well that my view on things anyway.....

    go for it Helen you know you want to
  • Yes a positive mental attitude is one of the most important things a runner needs. Wether its refusing a choccy biccy or ruuning in the rain. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it and think of the warm glow you will feel inside when you cross the finish line in April if you run out of steam along the course if your mind is strong it will help you to the finish line. Last time i ran the flm it pulled me through to the finish, when your body and soul is telling you its warmer inside your mind mental strength needs to kick in and throw you into your trainers and push you outside.Because it will be worth it in the end. Best of luck Helen and keep at it.
  • Helen,

    We all have these days where we wonder if it's really worth it us dragging our sorry arses out for that jog in the pouring rain.
    The point is, coming back from a training session, have you ever felt sorry that you went in first place?
    I take comfort and strength in that I haven't yet...
  • Helen, I'll second that - I've never returned from a run wishing I hadn't gone out. And from experience I know that even if you are hurting, it's nothing to the disappointment you will feel if you quit. Pain goes away very quickly once you cross that finish line. And after a hot shower, something to eat and drink, you'll feel on top of the world.
  • Thanks everyone, you've all obviously 'got what it takes'.

    Chappy - thanks - refusing a choccy biccy???? Think I'd rather run in the rain :-)

    Legless, it's good to hear others have been there too.

    Nick and Ironwolf, you are right, I've never come back form a run wishing I hadn't done it.

    What tips or mental tricks do you use to keep the negative thoughts away?
  • just dont think them Helen, even a bad run is not a waste of time, as it is always better than no run at all!!!!!!!!!!
  • Embrace them Helen; it all wouldn't be much of a challenge if you didn't have doubts...
  • You guys are great, thanks :-)
  • Hi Helen, I have a little talk to my body when the going gets tough and I'm feeling at my worse, it goes like this,
    " ok, whatever part is hurting or all,you're doing a great job, I know you're hurting, but just a little bit further, you can do it!"
    I know this may sound daft, but I find by acknowledging that my body is hurting or/and working hard gives me the mental strength to finish.

    Good luck & happy running :)
  • Agreee hilly
    , coax your body
    And the rule of "I only have to do 5 minutes, then i can go home", ALWAYS results in some sotrt of effort
    On a more seroius note, when will i actually stop finding it all such a SLOG
    I fel good after, but it is SOO hard during
    I can keep gping, cos im b-y minded, but at present am not really enjoying
  • I just push the negative thoughts away. It's probably easier for me as I think I'm the runner with the longest history on the forum, I've simply learned over the years not to give in to doubt.
    And the metal toughness that comes with running marathons, triathlons, or ultras, stands you in good stead to handle anything else that comes your way in life.
  • Hang in there Hippo, in time it will get easier and more enjoyable, I promise you.
  • Mental tips, arent they the things on the end of safety boots or are they steel toe caps??.Best two i can come up with are remember every step is a step in the right direction and for every negative thought run two minutes longer. (these five hour runs are killing me)

    Keep at it Helen and become a better person for it.
  • Thanks iron wolf
    I have an IRON will, i had to to do 19 years of training for my current job, so i wont stop
    But im supposed to enjoy it, right?
    Chappy, erm, im depressed at the moment
    I havent got time for 24 hour runs as well as shifts
    Can i have 30 secs instead
  • Hippo, didn't i read you're running 5 times a week at the moment? That is fantastic especially given your work commitments, I take my hat off to you I really do. I'm sure you'll soon start to enjoy it more, hope at least some of your runs are a pleasure.

    As for mental training, my motivation is usually high. And as someone said, I've practically never come back from a run thinking it wasn't worth it but I've learnt that the way I feel before I go out bears virtually no relation to how the run goes; also that the first mile is often a bit of a trudge but again no indication of whether it's to be a good run or not.
    Last year training for my first marathon I did find the mental fatigue that went with the training quite onerous at times, especially doing 2 only 9 weeks apart. But the thought of not being ready on the day was always enough to get me out there, I just had a couple of weeks when I really didn't feel like it.
    Look out for the first 'training blues' posts, sometime in Feb!
    And of course the forum is a good place to have a moan anytime you feel like it.
  • PS Feeling low can be a sign of over-training, and if you're generally not 100% mentally then running won't necessarily make up for that.
    So take any depression seriously.
  • Ah, a light dawns
    My running will of course HELP depression
    Couldnt run cos of on call and badly bruised foot, since thursday
    But did 30 mins today at least
    it will help, im sure
    But if i used work as an excuse not to do things id have no life
    ill settle for no sleep instead
    thanks for the advice tho
    I WILL NOT go through the marathon hell i went through last year
  • Hey Hippo/Gin lover/Saint of the west

    You've been really pushing it lately on both the run & work fronts. Sounds like you need to find a session that demonstartes you're making progress. You don't get that feeling if you're always trying to go a bit further/faster/one more rep than last time. Try skipping a days training and the time after do something you kow is within your capabilities - I'm sure you'll find at the end that it was easier than you recall.

    Sometimes you've got to train the mind as well as the body!

    Speaking as one who wasn't brave enough to apply for a full Marathon!
  • Ill try that thanks
    rest day today, feel awful, always the case, the day AFTER the day on call

    Nope, not me mate
  • Hippo, treat yourself to nice massage once a month, not only great because of training, but also great just for YOU!

    Keep up the good work!!
  • hippo needs massage for work problems
  • Massage is good, massge is wonderful - H slips into a daydream of anticipation...

    I'm having my annual treat to a day at the Sanctuary on Thursday. Last year it took 3 separate massages before my shoulders and neck unknotted, but it was bliss. This year I've seen the oseopath every few weeks so nowhere near as tight, but a day off, completely, no work, no study, lots of quiet, calm, relaxation - mmmmmm
  • Oh, and no running either, it's a rest day
  • The people who have masaged me say im beyond help on the left---
  • Ahh, massage, but it's a criminal indulgence for a student like me. Perhaps when I'm Dr Hildy? I think I'll have earned it by then.
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