What effect will missing training runs have on predicted marathon time?

I have been following Runners World training schedule for 3.45 marathon to try to get a GFA time in the Robin Hood marathon.

However, due to family presures etc etc. I have missed a total of 6 runs in a total of 10 weeks of training. I have only missed easy runs and have done all the speed training and long runs from the 3.30 schedule.

Is this likely to effect my time and prevent me from getting a GFA time? Please help as there may be tears!


  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    You have only missed 6 runs in the 10 weeks of the programme!That is excellent!As you say if you have missed only short runs i cant see it having much of an effect on the time.I tend to think that the long runs are very important-I tend to aim for my 3 longest runs to total 60 miles and I'm happy!
    I am always amazed at how tricky these schedules are to adhere to-they seem to arrange them for people with no work,family or social pressures.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    cg.. I would agree, you are doing well thus far. What are your times in other races recently? These times will tell you more about your prospects at Notts. I reckon you need to be doing sub 1:45 for a half
    -marathon too aim at sub 3:45 for a full.
  • Not done a race recently but did Sheffield Half in May in 1:42 and am doing Newark Half on Sunday so that will be a good pointer.

    Do I aim to run this as fast as I can or do I just go for a time circa 1:45? I haven't ever done a race as part of training before.

    By the way thanks for the words of encouragement
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