Training Session : Mon 06 January 03

Good Morning everybody,

What: 1st Day of RW 1/2 Marathon schedule : REST.
Last Hard: Yesterday

have a nice day!


  • Morning.

    What: 14km run in very cold conditions

    Why: Had a light week last week so want to make it a good one this week, gonna throw some longish runs in all week, inc a 18 miler on sunday.

    Last Hard: Today wasnt so much hard, just hard on the lungs due to the coldness, so im sticking with last week.

    Last Rest: All day in bed yesterday relaxing,which I never ever do and thought that as I had done my most ever running in december ( 300km )think i deserved it.

    Have fun and wrap up warm!
  • Yesterday's first run for a month has proven absolutely the law of specificity (!?:-)). Gym training is no substitute for running - I ACHE across an array of muscles I thought I'd been using hard. However, my knee is also still aching a bit so I think it'll have to be GP/Physio. I could see myself getting through a 10k based on gym training but not 10mile/halfM so we do need to fix something.

    however today is recovery day so:

    what : lightish xtraining in gym
    why: see above
    last hard day : does 7.5k race count yesterday
    last rest : sat

    have a good one (sulks jealously regarding the real runners inhabiting this forum who all put sterling log runs together yesterday)
  • What: 5 miles very easy run, still 4 inches of snow underfoot, minus temperatures, but sun's out and I just saw a finch in a tree.

    Last hard: yesterday's 10 miler in the snow.

    Rest: Now off for a relaxing swim and sauna.

    Happy running everyone!
  • What: Er.... cross training - first cricket net of the season.
    Why: To be slightly less rubbish at cricket.
    Hard: Saturday 13m 'easy'.
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Have fun.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What : 4miles easy
    Why : Monday is recovery run so about 33 mins
    Last Rest : Saturday
    Last Hard : Sunday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Back in Iceland - blue skies, a dusting of snow on the ground, temperature +2 degrees, would be perfect running weather BUT ... for the last week, me and the Mr. have been stricken with food poisoning ... can't seem to shake it off and feel terrible (but not as bad as I did a week ago) so...

    What - Nothing - or maybe 20 minutes later if I feel better
    Why - see above
    Last rest - yesterday (but did go for a walk for an hour)
    Last hard - ages ago

    But on the positive side, I have lost half a stone. Weh heh!

    Hope everyone's FLM training is going well. My first 2003 marathon isn't until June, so I've got a few weeks to recover before starting on Frank's plan. Gulp!
  • Morning all.

    Very Chilly here.

    What - 9 Miles at Good Pace
    Why - Should have done it on Saturday but was busy and my marathon training says so.

    Last Hard Today
    Last Rest Saturday

    Good Running!
  • Morning,

    Well done to everyone who rane over the weekend in the snow and ice. I just did a run walk yesterday (bit too slippy).

    Today: Strength and stretch
    Why: hal says so
    Last hard day: My legs are sore after yesterday but I think thats with the effort of staying upright
    Last easy day: Saturday
  • Morning all, its a lovely day here in herts , wish I could get out running but Im working at home and have the kids hanging a round.

    Going to try and get to the gym and do a half marathon pace session

    why. missed it last week and my training plan says to do one every week.

    see you all

  • Afternoon all

    What: rest
    Why: scheduled not to run any - legs in total agreement.

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Sat
    last long day: Sun

    Plans for this week:
    Tue - (assuming no ice on the pavements) - will train with the Wirral runners - but may do a reduced session if legs still feel dead. Would like one final (not too extended!) session of hill reps before Jan 19th.
    Wed - 35-40 mins slow plod
    Thu - probably rest
    Fri - 6:30 miling for 6-8 miles, depending on how I feel when I get going
    Sat - probably rest
    Sun - 9-10 miles slow
  • hi all - sorry to hear about the food poisoning LizzyB, hope Xmas hols were good craic otherwise.

    what: 5 miles recovery in 35:00, plus upper body weights
    why: er, recovery, and haven't done weights in yonks, upper body looking like the "before" pix in those old Bullworker ads (do they make it anymore or is that another 70's icon dead and buried along with Starsky and Hutch?)
    last hard day: yesterday
    last rest: last Monday

    read a headline earlier that says it's going to get colder - don't you just love training in January?!
  • Hi folks getting my arse in gear after being all over the place recently!
    last hard -32 hour shift over weekend
    mon- 1hr15 steady off-road-FROSTY
  • Afternoon everyone.

    LizzyB, hope you feel well enough to run soon. Glad to hear the worst is over.

    What: planned rest day
    Why: it just works out that way.
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: today
  • What: 6.7 km recovery run.

    Why: Long run yesterday and want to save the rest day for later in week

    Last hard: tempo on friday

    Last rest: Last Monday

  • Am I the only one to love this weather? Beats horrible wet and windy days for sure.

    What: 8* 500 m or so, never timed the recoveries.
    Why: club session, first one since before xmas, and it was very icy which meant taking it easy. Suited me as I felt the effects of Sat by the 5th lap.
    Then discovered I'm down for mid-Lancs xcountry on Sat, yikes, never done one before and this wasn't part of my pre-Helsby plan!
    Need long run Wed am early if I can get out of bed, plus 8-10 miles marathon pace at some point this week.

    Have impending feeling of doom due to looking at my work commitments over the coming months - not conducive to marathon training. Ah well, mustn't succumb to New Year blues already (even though my car failed its MOT and I got my credit card statement...)
    Hope those of you who're suffering with one ailment or another get better soon.
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Fri, another one coming up tomorrow.
  • Slow monday folks? what happeneed to all those recovery runs -

    what: 8 miles steady (9m) 4 miles to the old man's - quick cup of tea and a chat - (10.5m) 4 miles back) - proof that either tea or gassing isn't good for you - best warning the missus - all she does.

    why: fancied a chat - needed a run

    20+ miles in 4 runs in less than a week - could be a first for me.

    I've given up alcohol, snacking and being a lazy ass git... at least until after reading anyway - I want to steam over that line in well under 2.5 hours unlike windsor.
  • What: Weekly run with the club - 5.66 miles. Was over 3 minutes slower than last week. Maybe I should have eaten 10 mince pies and a Christmas pudding tonight?? :)
    Why: It's Monday

    Last hard: XC on Saturday
    Last rest: Friday

    LizzyB - v. sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Ugh... hope you throw it off soon.

    LauraL: I love this weather too! I get excited when I look out of the window into the frost, and want to get out and be in the cold :)
  • Hi piglet how're you?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 40 minute recovery run
    Why: makes sense after yesterday's 22 miles
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • I'm well, thanks, Zilla :-) I hope you are too?
  • Greetings All,
    Happy New Year to one and all.
    Looks like everyone has been training like maniacs (Horwill discredited??? I won't hear of it!!!) judging by the last few threads that I skimmed through. Will undertake the acid test tomorrow night (in the form of the club night fartlek run) to see how much fitness I lost in the last 18 days by carbo-loading and not doing enough exercise.

    Thanks again Craig (Slaphead) and everyone else who posted info on running in Italy, I really appreciated your help.

    All the best
  • Your resolutions are tougher than mine Godzilla; I will never give up snacking. In fact just ate left-over curry and the last of the xmas cake.

    Officially reverted back to 'booze only at weekends' regime this week unless of course one of the many permitted exceptions arise, like 'special occasion'.
  • Piglet i'm fine and off to have a late supper
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