Seeking a 10km run

I am after a little advice. I want to take part in a 10km run in October anywhere in the south really and I don’t know which to pick. This is the first run that I have done since the 100m at junior school, and I wanted the experience to be a good one, any suggestions?


  • How far into 10K training are you? and where abouts in hte south are you looking to run. Ie Kent, Sussex etc etc

    Ther are some good ones coming up in Kent over the next couple of months.

  • Have you checked out our Race Diary ? Find an event in here that tickles your fancy and you can start a forum discussion about it. Simply ask for other forum users comments on that particular race.
  • Have checked out the Race Diary and am looking at the Dulwich Charity Road Race and the Southend 10k classic at the moment, anyone thoughts on either of these?

    Nic: I have only really just started training and am running only on flat routes, am planning to step up my training when I have a race to focus on. Out of interest what are the good races in Kent, as its just as accessible for me.
  • Naomi,
    I have only been running 3 weeks. And i was looking at doing the Boughton 10K in Faversham on the 29th Spetember or the Quest 10k Breakfast Run in Ashford on the 13th October. One of these will be my first 10K run. So if you decide to come along let me know.

  • Hi Naomi,
    I am doing the Southend 10K on 6th October. It is my first 10K too! I have entered and got all the info. on it. It is a totally flat course, along the sea-front (don't know if you know Southend at all..?). Anyway, let me know if you intend to do it. Good luck with whatever race you decide on!
    Michelle x
  • Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the route info, I liked the idea of the sea front route so I posted the form today! Guess that means I have to step up my training! Good luck.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hi Michelle
    I ran the Southend 10k (63:04) 1st race in 4 years; 1st 10k in 13 after a long break of no running. Been running regularly since july now live in the thurrock area do you know of any upcoming races i can run in over the next couple of months (i would have to travel by train)

  • Come to Brighton! There are loads of us having a go, many for the first time, and its going to be great!

    If you pop over to events, theres a thread devoted to whos going and what tie they might get - have a nose and see you there!
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