FLM Training RW PLan


Can someone help me, I have previously run FLM in 4:04 and done GNR in 1:47, so thought I would aim for 3:30 this year, however have just read the RW training plan and I am a bit concern. I can do the 9miles in 1:14 and the other time/distances, but not at the WHR% they recommend , I have a MHR of 190 and a RHR of 60, so 70% is 151, no way i could stick to that and a 1:14 9miler. Should I just go for the times/distances and just use the HRM as a gauge or should i lower my aim ??


  • I had a look at this the other day and was fairly alarmed at the suggested times and recovery distances for the speedwork sessions - there's no way I can get close to the ones recommended for my 1/2M time.
    Anyone else finding that this plan is super-optimistic??
  • Another thing i have been wondering, are these plans based on flat runs. I live in North Yorkshire (Harrogate) and its very hilly !!!
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