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I think there is one in the lake district, but are there any further south where I might be able to pick up some new trainers suitable for an over pronator? (I had 763's (?) which were comfortable, but wore out very quickly!



  • Afriad they're all in the vicinity of our Cumbrian in Keswick, one in Shap (nr Penrith) and one attached to the factory in Flimby (nr Maryport).

    If you can't travel that far, then maybe try your local specialist running shop as the 764 has now replaced the 763 and is worth a look (got a very good review from RW which you can see under the gear section of this site).

    If you want a more durable alternative, the 854/855 is our best selling over pronation shoe. The 855 just comes out this month and therefore the 854 might be available on offer soon in some running stores.

    New Balance Running
  • Where is the one in Keswick ? Would they stock RC150's ?

    I'll be in that neck of the woods in a few weeks and would really like to try on a pair or RC150's but nobody seems to stock them.
  • Its on Bank St, no. 15, opposite the police station. Give them a call to see....its a factory shop so always worth checking first to avoid number is 01768 774631.

    The RC150 has recently been adapted into a classic with a leather upper so if you ask for this shoe make sure you ask for the correct version...either the mesh upper racing comp or the leather upper classic.
  • Question for the NB person:

    1) What's the difference between 854 and 855?

    2) General question: WHY do show manufacturers feel the need to discontinue shoes each year? My first shoes, Asics Nimbus II were great. Nimbus IIIs were quite different, and I wasted £80. I finally discover NB 854s which are just right for me, and I now learn that they are being discontinued, despite all the great press they've had and many happy users. Why?!!

  • I'm dead impressed with those New Balance people. Can't imagine, say, Asics being so helpful
  • Good questions....I'll do my best below :

    1. 855 features our new cushioning system, Abzorb SBS. Being launched in this shoe, SBS will replace our original Abzorb cushioning system in our top end styles and is basically more durable and more resistant to compression set than standard Abzorb.
    The 855 also has a dual density medial post working in conjunction with the rollbar, therefore slightly more supportive for over pronators.
    Apart from these, they both use the same last and therefore pretty similar fit and feel so if you liked 854 you'll hopefully enjoy the 855, but benefit from better cushioning.

    2. We change our shoes less frequently than almost all other major brands for the exact reason you state. We often get criticised for this, its even been suggested on this forum in the past that we get less coverage from the running press which isn't true, its just that we choose to keep shoes in line longer which can seem like we have less shoes.
    Its always a tricky subject, shoes do need to be replaced eventually but the question is how long to wait....we always try to leave it 12 months and sometimes 2 years whilst many others change every 6 months. Then, if feedback and sales have been good we try to tweak with updates as little as possible and keep the positive features consistent, if the shoe hasn't been great we'll be more radical.
    Best thing you can do if you like a style is buy a few pairs (obviously only if you have the funds to do so) to last for 18 months or so.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the very prompt feedback, looks like it will have to wait until my next visit to Oasis in Penrith

  • Craig, you could always get on the phone, the shops will be happy to do mail order.

    Rob, get off the web and get some real work done!!

  • I appreciate your helpfulness, NB Person (do you have a name?) though I'm still mystified by the need to change shoe styles. It sometimes takes ages for a runner to find the right shoe, and there's nothing more dispiriting to find that they're no longer available. Unless there are major new technological changes, I would happily keep buying the same shoe once I knew that it was just right for me. I can appreciate that the marketing people might want to change the colours, or other superficial decoration, but when you talk about different cushioning and being more supportive etc, I get nervous. It reminds me of Hutber's Law: "Improvements invariably make things worse!" I think it's time I went hunting for some more 854s while I can.

    But thanks for taking the time to respond. It's appreciated.

  • Slowboy, the only thing putting me off mail order is I am normally a UK size 9 and ended up in a 10 for my 763's (possibly as Sweatshop didn't have any 9's I could cynically think so they bought out a 10 and hoped for the best!).

  • Craig

    I also ended up with a 10, being a size 9 usually, and after getting very black toe nails in a 9 1/2.



    Liked the 763s - but I thought they wore out quickly too (glad I am not alone), now have some 764s which are lovely.

    Tried some other makes before buying this time - still came back to NB.

  • I bought Saucony Omni 3's this time as the guy in Sweatshop said they would last longer (they didn't give a NB alternative). I'm not sure if this was a good move as I am having calf problems now (probably because of over doing it rather than the shoes, but I think I'll go back to NB next time hence thinking about picking some cheap ones up!)

  • New Balance Running, thanks for the phone number as mentioned earlier in the thread, have just phoned up and managed to get the last pair of mesh RC150 that they had.

    Excellent, cheers, NN
  • Craig

    When I was fitted by an NB 'expert' (the 's are not derogatory) she advised me to go up a whole size from my normal shoes, presumably to allow for swelling. I did exactly that & am really pleased with the fit of my shoes.

  • It's normal to get a size bigger than shoes for walking in otherwise you'll end up with black toe nails.
  • NBR, RC150 shoes arrived this morning, thanks for the contact info again, NN
  • No worries NN, really glad you managed to get hold of them.
    Hope they do the job for you...they're pretty light eh ?
    NB Running
  • Cheers, Robert, I mentioned your name when I phoned up, I think the words 'one of the big-wigs' were used, the guy was very grateful for you posting the contact number.

    My mate that also wanted a pair is coming around soon, I have held off weighing them until then :)

    Pity it was the last mesh pair they had. What are the odds of locating another pair somewhere if needed?

    Ta, NN
  • Hey, well impressed with the NB web site just burnt half an hour in there! very well set out and I am actually starting to really understand how it all works............ Thing is, I've been running on a mix of whatevers a bargain for about 6 years includin A**cs 2030 / 2050, DS trainers and looking at the bottom of the N**e Pegasus I use at the moment the outside of the heel is wearing but then the wear is on the inside of the forefoot. So based on that what NB training road shoe should I be looking at?

    recently bought some 870's, good so far.
  • Thanks for the positive feedback on the website, I spend quite a lot of time working on this so good to get some nice comments about its function and ease of use.

    Sounds like you're a classic pronator....its perfectly normal to strike on the outside edge of the heel and then roll inwards to the inside of the forefoot...problems only occur when this becomes too pronounced and heavy wear patterns in these areas maybe suggests you pronate quite a bit.

    Maybe therefore worth looking at some support shoes with your next purchase (Pegasus is neutral and not really for over-pronators) shoes that have a medial post on the inside of the midsole to control the inward motion as you transition from heel to forefoot.

    Best NB bets in this category...764, 854, 1220. If you like off-road shoes, the 904 is a cracker with a bit more support than the 870.

  • Thanks, I did know the Pegs were neutral but after having used the 2030's, 50's & DS's I found the Pegs more comfy, as well as the fact I knocked 22 seconds off my 5k time when I tried them out! The wear looks fairly even on both so I guess no problems there. Really overall my experience of different shoes is fairly limited (found a type that fitted and stuck with them), I run over half my miles off road so for the two pairs of road shoes I have four pairs of off road which include two pairs of Adidas swoops which I really love.

    Anyway, thanks and I will have a look at your suggested models.
  • While we're on the subject.

    I've recently discovered the 730's which I wear with orthotics, they fit like a glove and it's as if they become part of me as I run. So the ideal shoe for me?

    I weigh 80k and am hoping to wear the 730's for my third FLM in April. I'm not a "fast" runner but I'll be looking for a time of about 3.05.
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