"Cracking" noise from achilles

After I stand after sitting or lying for any length of time, I am getting various "cracking" noises from around the bottom of my achilles tendons (but more on one leg) and it feels like something is "twanging". It's not sore (yet), but a bit worrying. Has anybody else had this?


  • yes. panic. i was out for 3 months.

    cut the heel tabs off your shoes, stretch (the one using stairs) religiously, & have a week off.
  • So what was the next stage for you between the "crahcing" noise and being injured, DG? I do those stretches/strengtheners on the stairs and my achilles tendons are very flexible.
  • "Cracking" noise, I mean
  • I must give the opposing experience.

    Both achilles have 'cracked' on and off for 20 yrs. oddly they only do so while walking, never while running. A number of other joints do the same, including my big toes and shoulders. In fact the only time my heels didn't crack was/is when the right achilles is inflamed/puffy. When I ice it sufficeiently the crack returns and I know I'm through it.

    I suspect that this should only reassure long term crackers - but whenever I'm consulted about painless clicking (technically known as vacuolation) I'm quick to play it down.

    Obviously if it hurts - that's a different matter
  • Blimey
    Thanks for that. I have also suffered from intermittent "cracking" of various joints all my life too. Mine don't crack while running either. I'm probably a bit oversensitive to it as my calves were a bit tight a couple of weeks back and I started noticing the cracking more.

    Good to know the technical name for it too.
  • No probs RB

    I've not yet come across a convincing explanation for it.

    The rheumatologist I trained under tried to explain it in terms of joint fluid changing shape - the sudden distortion of joint capsule giving an intantaneous wobble board effect. It doesn't feel like this, i have to say.

    I think of it as a ligament/tendon catching a bony prominence and then 'twanging' off it, like a guitar string catching a plectrum. This is how it feels when I know I need to clunk, but need to waggle the relevant limb a bit to 'release' it.

    Whatever - it will just make those around you wince, and do you no harm at all.

  • Are you sure its from the Achilles? I get a really loud clicking in my left ankle when running, I sometimes wonder what people think as I click my way past. Anyway I've never had any pain from it. As far as the anatomy I really don't know what can be causing it and I'm a rheumatologist.
  • Piero
    Yes, it's the achilles and, like Blimey, I can feel it "twanging" when I'm walking around (esp in bare feet). But not when running (as far as I can tell).
  • Well its hard to know what to advise. Twanging is obviously not normal, but then the body is generally well supplied with nerves to tell us when we are damaging something so if it doesn't hurt at all I don't think you are going to be doing any real damage.
  • Thanks.
    I should have said "twanging occasionally when walking around". What I said sounds worse than it is.
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