OK, got a little question. Maybe someone can help. I invited a whole bunch of my friends (whom are not runners, but sports for anything) to join me in running the NIKE 10K.

They wont practise for it, since they do it for the joke which is fine by me and they all registerd under novice/beginner. I registered under intermediate which means I must finish within 45-115 minutes or something. This is not a problem, but I know they will not be able to finish within 90 minutes, and since I invited them, I decided to cross the finish line with them, even if we have to walk. I have many other races in which I can improve my time. So my question to someone who knows or ran it before.

Is there anything attached to the novice/intermediate group, or is it purely for NIKE's information. I dont want to end up on the day, having to start in a different group or something.


  • Last year different groups had different coloured race numbers on your t-shirt so you knew which start you were meant to be in. However, if you wanted to drop down a group there was absolutley no problem, you just couldn't step up.

    I hope that that helps.
  • Heaps! Thanks!

  • Spans, you have obvioulsy did the Nike 10K last year, so question, do the groups all start at different times? I registered in the Beginner group but I am hoping to run the whole thing and come in under 75 mins, will this not be possible in the beginners group?
  • Last year they had three different starts at approx 10mins apart, this was broken down into advance plus some intermediates; intermediates and then beginners. As to whether you will be able to run sub75 in the beginners group, I would recommend that you try and to the front of your group to give yourself the best chance. Last year I was continuously passing people but never seemed to get really held up, but as it is a different course this year I am not 100% certain how wide the paths will be and therefore how much you will be hindered!

    Goodluck and I hope that you get the time you want.
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