Trafford 10k

Seems to have a reputation for being a quick one - what's the start like? any lumps to speak of or is it all flat, fast and furious?


  • Pretty fast and flat and quite scenic too from what I remember. Shame I'm away for a hen do that weekend or I'd definitely have a go. It's 11th Sept isn't it?
  • oh pooh... that's the same as the nottingham half. I'm in manc for the derby the day before.... what do I go for a 10K p.b. or a half p.b.?

    I suspect the latter.
  • Andy this is the fastest 10K course in the North West of England.

    If you think you are in shape for knocking out a PB, i strongly recommend you travel.

    I'd also recommend you pre-enter as race limits are generally reached.

    Good luck.
  • Both mrs andy and I have entered, friends sorted to entertain the children - just got to make sure we're feeling fit on the day!
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