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  • Absolutely...


    high cadence is good...

    improves aerobic stamina or something...

    (what do I know? I haven't cycled for years, but several of the bike ponces on Tri say 70-90 rpm is good)
  • So, especially for me, earlier and Wickett, Hanoi Rocks and Cadence Clearwater Revival with 'Up around the bend'

    (now that's a subtle one, because HR did cover CCR's UATB...)
  • ...and how did you manage to type all that AND grab 300 while my answer was MUCH shorter...

    <munch...slurp> ta BB, as they're virtual cakes, I reckon I'm safe enough from weight gain ;o)
  • Now I'm talking to myself and I've only been alone in the house for 4 hours :o)

    Listeners? LISTENERS? Is there anybody there?
  • Crashie , I'm listening

    I went on a hand bicyclw at the gym today I was nowhere near 92 rpw but then again its arm not legs and I'm not Russian
  • Still here - just being amazed at your Hanoi Rocks knowledge. Speechless, but I'll ramble on regardless...
  • Given my average mph on the bike, I'm not Russian anywhere either..
  • I once went at 16 miles an hour on my bike, I was terrified.
  • I'm amazed how tired I am since I've started training to become fit enough to start training for IMDE. I could certainly do with a go on a hand bike as I have no upper body strength whatsoever, which is ruining my swimming at the moment...

    Legs felt surprisingly good after 21M cycle, but they're knackered fact I might play 'So Tired' by Ozzy Osbourne and Steeleye Span, just for me...
  • My wonderful new 'puter from Wiggle (plug plug...even though the bastards didn't send me any free sweets) said I'd hit 30.6mph max speed...I remember this as the time I was going downhill, freewheeling and bricking it because the road was wet and featured several blind fb hit 55mph in IMCH, I have no idea
  • (I come from a long line of cowards, it's how my ancestors survived to reproduce :o))
  • Have managed 47mph before on a nice long steep downhill. Was good fun except for;

    1) Blind corner part way down
    2) Blind panic as the speedo started climbing
    3) Blind.., well, just blind really - even with shades on, it dried out my contact lense (just one of course!) which propmtly flew out of my eye - still 30-miles from home.

    Slow and steady wins the race from now on.
  • I don't do scary things, I'm to scared too:-)
  • Do they make cycling shorts in brown? I think I can expect LOTS of scary moments from now on...

    ...speaking of which, I'm off to watch cricket... laters folks.
  • ....haven't been on here for ages - unable to think of anything witty to say ever!!!!!

    But just wanted to say how impressed I am that you're training for IMDE - can't imagine doing anything like that ever - can't swim (unless keeping your head above water at all times counts), can't cycle and am also a big big scaredy-cat so especially don't want to swim outside or cycle down steep hills!!!!! I can run but only v. slowly so wouldn't even make up time there......

    Anyway, will let you get on.....
  • "unable to think of anything witty to say ever"

    You've found the perfect thread then - like-minded individuals.
  • Speaking of IMDE (which we don't really, otherwise we'd be posting on the tri threads) - you know where you're thinking of staying yet, or how you're getting there Crashie?

    I'm fairly sure I'm going to stay in the YH (except Sunday night as the family arrive on the Saturday). Also pretty sure I'm going to drive. Worcester to Germany, should only take an hour or so, right?

    Could I request "I drove all night" by Roy Orbison and Megadeth?
  • Hmmm, they're at drinks in the cricket, so I'm back, albeit briefly...

    Sian, all you have to do is burble on aimlessly for about 300 posts and suddenly we've got a thread going :o) Feel free to add random moments from your day at any time (it works for me, I've only ever said one intelligent thing on these forums, and everyone at RW ignored that...) :o)

    Please don't think of me as a triathlete, more a fat bloke whose annoying habit of asking 'how difficult can it be?' has got him into all sorts of trouble over the years...

    Wickett, I can see driving as being my no 1 option; will probably treat Mrs CH to a week in the Intercontinental or whatever it's called; obviously after the success of my 21 miler, I did consider cycling there, competing (ok, participating) then cycling back the same evening...
  • I nip out to get some wiper blades for my tractor and it goes mad in here.

    S'pose you've all gone now.

  • (see how easy it is to post a witty and incisive comment :o))
  • Still here kk - but off in 5-mins, so do something interesting, quick!

    Know what you mean Crashie - I did 16-lengths at the pool (400m) and came away thinking "that's the swim sorted then, lets get back to the bike"!!

    Stabilisers come off next week.
  • Must go and put the kettle on pending Mrs CH's arrival, so 'yep' as of now :o)
  • Thought you were a sh1t-hot cyclist, Wickett, you modest Ewok, you...
  • Just had an email from Wiggle (that's WIGGLE) saying my aero bars are on the way :o)

    I have spent SOOOOO much money on toys this month... bread and water til december now, I fear...
  • Now I AM going...toodle pip!
  • Sadly Crashie, I'm just a 'Sh1t' cyclist. Only 'Hot' insomuch as I sweat a lot - generally on anything other than a downhill.

    Significantly worse at swimming, and the less said about the running...

    BUT, you should watch me ZOOOOM in transition! I can tie-up a Windsor knot with the best of them (certain standards to maintain, clip-on cravats are against BTA rules apparently)!

    Now then DJs - play me a tune. It needs a good driving beat, to reflect my 'sitting behind a desk' position for the day.
  • We're getting slow these mornings wickett.

    Anyway here goes:- "Born to be Wild" by the Wurzels........
  • Morning

    lol wickett

    How about something on a watery theme for me please, I'm going to floaty fun times with the kids this morning.

    Thank you
  • I get to the office every morning to find radio worcestershire way down the page. This is an outrage - what am I paying my fees for?

    Incidently, you'll find my sheath of corn and small goat in the tything barn by way of this year's payment, but I'm withholding the 2 chickens and side of beef until I receive my Radio Worcestershire tractor sticker as promised at the Wells showground!

    I demand satisfaction, 'cos I just can't get none (cue song by the Rolling Stones and the Ronnettes)...
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