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  • someone post the words to that pushbike song
    its driving me NUTS

    kk-your leggs will fall off
  • ...glad to see you're putting Worcestershire on the map!!!!!!!
  • Just for Benzy:-

    Riding along my pushbike honey

    When I noticed you.
    Riding down town in a hurry honey

    Down South Avenue.

    You lookd so pretty

    As you were riding along.
    You looked so pretty

    As you were singing this song.

    Put on the speed
    and I tried catching up

    But you were pedaling harder too.
    Riding along like a hurricane honey
    Spinning out of view.

    You looked so pretty

    As you were riding along.
    You looked so pretty

    As you were singing this song.

    Sing this song.
    Round. round wheels going
    down up

    Pedals down
    But I got to get across to
    The other side of town
    Before the sun goes down.

    You looked so pretty...
  • Wey Hey!

    I've just uneartherd a copy of Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Middle Of The Road,
  • Perhaps you could put out a little traffic news for anyone caught up around Martin Hussingtree;

    The problem has been caused by a large hole in the road near the main traffic lights...., the council are looking into it.

    ...what? well it was funny when the two ronnies did it.
  • The Rodale Arms was named after the local (wicked) Barons of Rodale Towers.

    More about them in the coming months.
  • <<settles down and prepares to be educated>>

    Wicked? go on...
  • Can't ever remember living in Worcestershire being this interesting!!!!! Till this day the thought of living in Piddle still raises a smile!!!!
  •  aaaargh......

    You've seen nothing yet, why as autumn approaches we'll be bring news of all the local Harvest Festival celebrations.

    Crashie even as we speak is doing his 'media' job finding out about the 'sheep dog' trials.
  • Aren't they over the border in Warwic( I can't really bring myself to say it). Your'e giving the impression that everyone who lives in Worcestershire is some kind of yokel. Hold on have just looked out of the office window and the cow needs milking, the yoghurt cartons aren't working and theres a huge pile up of horse driven carts on the main pershore road.
  • So KK - Crashie's spun you the old "I'm researching the sheep dog trials" line has he?

    I think we can be pretty sure that that's not why he's in a field full of sheep! I'm telling the farmer.

    Besides, what's the sheep dog supposed to have done? It's like the Salem witches all over again...
  • Hhhmmh.

    Apparently the new barmaid at the Rodale Arms has just started 'jogging'..........................
  • Now now, Wickett, Flossie was just *asking* to be chased :o)

    It's true, the sheepdog trials are this Saturday, 'hanging judge' Spedding presiding.

    And in an incident at the Rodale Arms, the drunken, jogging buxom barmaid has been thrown out by the bouncers....
  • (Hmmm, snaeaky morning training, eh kk? Have a pint of Old Peculier....)
  • ' 'hanging judge' Spedding'.

    Is one of the occupants of Rodale Towers btw.

    Weird goings on up at the 'big house'......
  • Crashie

    You can't give taht to KK its brewed 'up north' in Yorkshire. Support your local producers (if you can find any).

    Can some one plaes play some T-rex for me "ride a white swan" for preference - alwys thought that was a bit of a strange title but if crashie can chase sheep who am I to argue.
  • So here for Charlie is Trex on the 8 track with 'Ride a White SwOmbersley'...
  • ...and I've only just noticed that kk has typo-ed Worcestershire...

    That's what you get for sneaky 1 hour training sessions...

    AND he's borrowed a proper bike, while I'm stuck on my Raleigh Shopper :O)
  • Now then Crashie - as we keep being told on the IMDE forums, it's the engine, not the chasis.

    However, I've just put some aero bars on the old bmx and have got my average speeds up to 7mph. Next week, I'm going to try going uphill.
  • My mate in the force ( Constable Peeler) of the Yard ( Well it's at the back of the old bakery) has just told there's going to be a raid on a rave on Saturday night.

    'pparently someones holding an all night sheep dip party and playing gar(b)age music all night..

    Probably some city 'incomer'.
  • Some of my fave hills are in Worcestershire.
  • Matt you're very welcome.
  • Thanks KK.
    Clent is probably my first choice.
  • Crashie are you awake?

    M5 junctions 5 -6 closed in both directions. Expect chaos at Junction 6
  • Funnily enough Matt only ever seem to walk the dog over Clent.........
  • Sounds like someone's done a right job on the motorways today - and that's my junction..

    ...but today, I CYCLED!!!!

    Think I'll be doing the 20-miles quicker on the bike than the car today - and I never get to say that!

    Who'd have thought there'd ever be any benefit to training? So long (car driving) suckers!!!
  • Malvern is nice and big, but a bit barron.
  • Bugger, J6 will be a bit of fun then...

    I've been evicted from my room at the tooth factory today; the practice manager wanted to do something called 'wages', whatever they are....
  • aaaaargh KK
    you have THAT album dont you
    it will be Lily the pink next!
  • can i get a request played
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