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  • Maybe its not for you then. No reason everyone has to be good at or enjoy every possible permutation of swim/bike/running. I dont particularly enjoy Time Trialling, so I dont do it very much. If you dont really enjoy MTBing, then dont feel obliged to do it. Especially not if it means spending a chunk of cash on a bike you wouldnt really ride.
    If you did want to give it another go, is there someone who can take you out for a few rides, and show you some nice trails?

  • That's kind of the conclusion I came too, Flyaway. Nice trails to the people I know seems to incorporate a lot of down hill steep bits and tree trunks, roots and holes! LOL1

    Scares me to half to death, if I'm honest. Possibly not helped by witnessing a guy break his neck in a MTB fall. And yet I know the road risks are there.

    Just one of those, i guess! image

    To get back to the iPhone discussion of yesterday - I just foujnd a free download of emoticons and now I like it. I have little swimmers and all sorts. I bet they don't show on other people's phones, so I may be sending some random looking messages for a while!

  • Min - I always used to like doing smileys on my Android because they appeared as litle robot faces. Shallow? Moi?
  • I have buildings and cars and all sorts of things! And they work in Twitter too - well on my phone they do! Bet I'm confusing the hell out of everyone else!  That would appeal to me too, SVT.
  • Min - if I ever see a message from you containing a load of boxes, I'll try and guess what they were meant to be!
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Afternoon All

    I prefer 4 strings to 6. How about a five string bass then?

  • musky - I can't help but feel that 5 strings is cheating! To my ears the low B is starting to get into the area where I just hear noise rather than notes. Plus the fretboard has to be much wider and I only have small hands - a regular 4-string is plenty for me.

    I just need to find something affordable that will stand comparison to the Fender Jazz I currently borrow.

  • SVT - when I first read the first paragraph of the original post I was wondering why you were saving up for a fish, as you were...
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Take your word on low B etc

    Small hands also that is why I cannot play piano or guitar

    Have a good weekend all

  • Good morning.

    Its a beautiful day in Wusster image

    I'm failing to find a suitable small hands DE, so if you could just imagine I've written something hysterical and cutting edge, that would be great.

    I'm considering getting my bike out.  I must be ill.

  • Good Morning. Today I shall mostly be taking cover as the end of the world is staring with a humungous earthquake. If you could see your way to getting my birthday presents early this year, as we're all going to be toast on my birthday, it would be appreciated. Shame old Harold Camping got his last end of the world prediction wrong in1994. Anyone care to guess how accurate he'll be this time?

    Right, I'm off for an 11 miler.

  • morning

    I have been OW swimming for the first time this year. image

    I heard about today being the end of the world, that's a shame I was planning on going out on my bike tomorrow.
  • Armageddon only starts tonight Ant, we're all goners ny 21 October. You may be able to get a precarious ride in tomorrow.

  • Morning everyoneimage i was going to rest today...but might just get one more run in before the earthquakes start. Although if there is no end of the world at 6pm, can it be safe to say that i can sue Campling for misrepresentation of the facts. image

  • Afternoon all

    Wotist - ROFL etc

    I've spent too much of my last day on earth ironing and cleaning the car after SVTing 2 was sick in it. Did the parkrun again and got a PW due to just having a nice relaxed jog. Then I turned round and went back to encourage my sister to the end of her first race - just outside 40 mins, against a target of sub-45.
  • Just been for a run; world still largely intact.
  • Ant.... are you feeling OK? Swimming AND biking? You'll be doing a triathlon next image Was it busy at Top Barn? (assuming that's where you dipped your toe?)

    <waves to everybody>

    Dammit, 21 October is my birthday. I won't be here to celebrate image

  • Well it appears I'm still here.

    Squishy - Yes it was Top Barn and they had about 100 throughout the session.

    I have got one tri booked for the year - Upton Tri. I'm planning on doing a swim pb as you swim down river.
  • Evening all!

    Had a fab time at family wedding in Sussex followed by the scenic route home today via Windsor and Oxford.  It made up for my crappiest of crap days on Friday at work - ying and yang and all that

    Well done on Swimming Ant

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Yo doods and doodles (and fish).

    Did you ride Wotsit?

    GP - is it today the world ends, or tomorrow?  If tomorrow I'm glad I swashed my buckle today.  Felt conspicously fat and slow but managed an awesome 4th from last albeit quicker than at Bala the other year.  Smaller, faster field I think, with a stated cut off time so I suppose it might frighten potential tailenders away.

    Nice running Crashie. And swimming Ant! (dead faint!)

    *waves to Squish* Good to see you!

    SVT - how does one iron a car?

    Nice weddinging, HL.  Was the bride radiant?

  • Mouse, Old Harold Camping said that the earthquake that would start armageddon was going to kick off 6 p.m. (in each time zone) and that all non believers would be dead by October 21st this year, Jesus was going to pop by for a vist yesterday as well. Apparently there a scores of bewildered belivers in the states and Harold hasn't been seen since yesterday. He may have been out, but not been recognised with all the egg on his face. Harold has a 100% record at getting his predictions wrong,having made the same prediction in1994. The BEEB'S page on it all.
    Where did you buckle your swash?

    Nice to see you Squishy, we have the same birthday!!! Along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Alfred Nobel, Dizzy Gillespie and best of all Carrie Fisher.

    Glad you had a nice weekend HL, hope next week is better for you.

  • No end of world then? Rats. Best do all those chores then....
  • Morning all on earth. It's a pretty decent internet connection up here. image

    Mouse - on a high setting. And well buckled. Or swashed (I'm not sure).

  • Er - it's a bit windy this morning. I think its actually a bit too windy to safely go out on my bike. But then there is Rule 7. And when "race day" is actually 11 days, this is pretty likely. But still, I dont think I will be road biking. I might MTB. Or I might just run this afternoon instead.

    Fabulous swashing Mousey. Is the second line of your above post missing a comma, or were you asking Wickett? image

    SVT - well done your sis. It was clearly mostly due to the top-class support she recieved on the day.

  • flyers - definitely down to the support. I must have run well over 7k in total. I am some sort of superhero. image
  • Just reaad the Beeb's report on the end of the world that wasn't. I love that they quoted that a guy took a week off work to travel to the place where the Rapture was to begin. Why? If it were the end of the world, why book a week off?
  • Flyaway - I am shocked. image

    Gosh, it is ever so windy out there.  I've run, but the bloomin wind was in my face the whole way, except for the 100m down my road.  How does that work?  I considered a long run this morning, then caught sight of my marking pile, so went for short and fast.  I think I've found where my pace was hiding image  I'm struggling to find time to do any reasonable miles at the moment, which makes me fret because I really don't want to lose all my hard won endurance.  I need a race to focus my mind.  HM distance or there abouts.  Any thoughts?  

    Well done on the superhero supporting.  Have you consdered a cape?

    Mouse - I did not ride. I ran.  Comfort zone.

    Back to the grindstone then.  

  • Good morning, tis quiet in Worcestershire. Hope you're all well.
  • They've all been Raptured...
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