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  • Morning all,

    Crashie - may have to borrow that one

    Mouse - belated good swashing and buckling, how has the body reacted a few days later? all well hopefully. Pisser about the insurance, we're building up for an argument soon if things do go as we were advised they would when we bought the policy.

    Min- tough one so soon into the contract but could be seen favourably by the employer, I'd always rather someone said something like that rather than stretching the work to fit the week.

    In other news there is nothing to report apart from the usual Tapir issues
  • The thing is Crashie, at the risk of being daft, I don;t want anything permanent - not full time anyway. I am planning to go to Uni in September to take a degree in Sports Exercise and Science, part time, so to stay here part time would be ideal. Also, ultimately, I don't want to be a PA at all. I have started - on a very small scale - and Events Management company, called Just Tri It Ltd. I've kind of kept quiet about it, for no real reason! Basically, a friend asked me to help her host 3 5k races over the summer for the Social Club where she works. I decided I might as well make myself official and when I looked on Companies House, the name was available - as was the email and website address. I was quite shocked cos I think it is an obvious name, so I snaffled them up whilst I had the chance! To register a company is only £18 and the domain hosting for a year was £52. Problem is, I’m not itching to get going! But I need to be sensible and earn some money first. (Quite how I’ll pay for the degree is another thing £560 pr module!! But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!). I have also got myself some work with Scott Sports over the summer as a promoter at events and shows that pays not too shabbily and I have been taken on as a Team Leader by Endurance UK – Liverpool Tri, IMUK – and am hoping that from those two contacts, some healthy networking can be done, perhaps even more work in Events. The thing is, whilst I am, of course, incredibly glad and grateful to be working again, here I am ‘grey’ but when I am out in the field, involved with an event, I am ‘colour’. Does that make sense?
  • Well done You Min.........!!!!!! image
  • MIn - sounds exciting. I totally get the 'grey' and 'colour' thing.  One thing pays the bills, the other is what you'd still do if you didn't need money.

  • Makes perfect sense, MIn; good luck with it all...and don't be shy about filling us in on the details! The public has a right to know image and we're right behind you.
  • Min - the 'keeping quiet about it' thing? You may want to work on your marketing. image

    Mind you, if you're doing lots of work with other events companies it's probably no bad thing to keep your own business low key at the moment.

  • Good point SVT! I guess I feel at bit bashful that little ol' me has taken such a step. Still, I won't be fully operational for a couple of years yet, my aim is to be full time at it in 5 years. Till then it is a slow build. I have a logo and everything tho!  Just waiting for it to come back from my graphics chap to see how it translates into print. It's something my Mum did for me. Company colours are orange and green. No alliance to India or Ireland, just that orange and green are my favourite colours. Although I do wonder, as when I was 15 I did my Queen's Guide Award and for the section on the Commonwealth I 'did' India, because my Dad was doing a lot of business with them at the time. I fell in love with that continent then and when I lived there, it was every bit as magical and vibrant as I expected it to be. SO maybe that's where the orange and green thing came from.....
  • Min - it's definitely not something to be bashful of - you need to shout about it to the brink of being annoying! (And I say this as a naturally bashful person.)

    But you might need to be careful with those colours, if organising events in Northern Ireland or Glasgow, that you choose your exact routes carefully... image

  • Haha - I shall bear your wise words in mind, SVT. I'm glad you understand the grey and colour thing - not everyone does. I have realised it is only when I am out in the field, as it were, that I feel alive. And so that is what I shall do. And yup - no point shouting about setting up in competiton just yet! Would  like to get my quals sorted out first - I have qualified as a BTF Ref, amd doing my coaching things this year and then when I have the BSc, will feel fully prepared to crack on. Thus the 3 - 5 year time scale.
  • Go for it min! Never know where your plans will lead you(well LBS for me image)

    went for a run last night, it was not a pretty sight!

  • Min - I know the grey and colour thing well. My 'grey' is my job, which most of the time is fine, occasionally excellent and occasionally mind-numbing.  My 'colour' is playing music which, even on a real off-day, I'd trade for the best day at work.  But I get paid a decent amount for my work, which will never be true of music!
  • Min - how exciting! Sounds like an excellent combination of what you clearly have a talent for, and your passions. Keep us updated!

    I cycled 39miles and resisted the OCD urge to make it 40 by cycling round the block. The wind has dropped a lot, but without it, it would be a gorgeous day, instead of just a nice one.

    I'm having my hair cut this afternoon. I live at the pinnacle of excitment, truly. 

  • Not much off, I hope, Flyers? I do regret that I lost 9 inches off mine after Lanza, but it was in such bad shape, there was no option.  Well resisted on the mile - that's the sort of thing I do - round it up. A pain sometimes, isn't it, OCD? image

    Will keep you all posted, but it'll be a while before there is much to report, me thinks.

    I suppose in reality, most of us wallow somewhere in the shades of grey!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Sometimes I think about changing my job - much like other educationalists I think that there are tensions between what students want from us, what we want to give to them and what our employers want us to do. Bureaucracy rules ok! I am thinking about doing a bit of retraining on the side with a possible move some time in the future.  However, having had big problems with the PhD and basically having nothing at all, I've had to start that all over again and don't think I'll have time to pursue my other avenue of interest for a couple of years yet.

    I've got BTF level 1 coaching Min, are those the quals you are doing?  I get to do level 2 end of this year/start next but  not reffing.  The ref courses have changed from how I understand it though - assume you've done the first level of that, or have you gone higher already?

  • Yup, Mouse, that's the direction I'm headed in. And yup to the Ref courses too - so far just LVL 1, with the others planned as I can do them/pay for them. I don't think I would have had the courage for a career change if I hadn't been in such a dire situation the last few months. I guess I got to the point where I pretty much have lost everything (or so it felt like) and therefore, there was nothing left to lose. I suppose you could say it all gave me the courage to go for what I want to do. Losing the security of my salary may well turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Don't get me wrong, it's still incredibly scarey and a challenge and financially, it is very hand to mouth and I have no idea how I'm going to keep paying the mortgage when this job finishes. But I've managed so far.... I guess that gives me the belief that I will carry on doing so. I've been bored as a PA for about 8 years or so - but was comfy with my lifestyle and so on. Well, that has gradually been stripped away from over the last couple of years and I think that was has made the difference. I have nothing compared to what I had, financially and materially, but I'm still here, still in my house. Just about, I admit, but I am. There have been some moments that were so terrible, I can't bear to think of them. But I have had tremendous support, both here and out inthe real world. I suppose my priorities and values have changed? Time will tell if I am doing the right thing and whether I am a better person as a result of it all - but for sure, I certainly like myself and as you know - that's quite something to say! Sometimes, I even feel a little proud of myself!!!
  • Min - there's some very good stuff in that post. I suggest you print it and frame it.
  • Min - 2 inches, so not a lot.

    Crashie - tee hee, that's hysterical!

    Mouse - I'm sorry you couldnt salvage anything. But surely you dont have to do 3 more years? 2 at the most - the first attempt could be summarised as prelim studies, so would count for 1 year at least??

  • Mousers, that sounds like a right disaster; say it ain't so! image

    Min, WSVTS; he's wise. I know what you mean about it being liberating when everything has gone to ratshit; my divorce did it for me, no money or material possessions to speak of, but I was happier than I'd been for years and it gave me the courage to try new stuff and go after things I'd wanted but never dared to take on.

  • Morning all

    The sky has certainly decided to err on the grey side of things today.

    I was thinking (as you do when running at 6am, still half-asleep) about the whole grey vs colour thing.  Maybe the reason the grey stuff is grey is not so much that we don't like it (okay, we possibly don't) but that we have to do it. Someone else, be it a boss or the customer, dictates what we do and how we do it. The 'colour' stuff tends to be on our own terms - we choose to do it because we want to, and if money is involved it's not the primary motivator. If we don't want to do it, we don't have to.

    So the danger is in taking something you enjoy, trying to make money from it, and losing the sense of freedom it used to give. The ideal would be to get into a position to do what you love and be able to say 'no' when an opportunity isn't quite right, knowing that the bills are taken care of.

    Lottery ticket, anyone? image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    Flyers/Crashie - measurement error.  So what worked in the pre-tests didn't work in the real thing, thus I have no data.  Having just been on a fantastic course, I know exactly what I did wrong.  Bittersweet.

    Fed up today.  Slacker and I had words last night.

    Still, lots to do to keep me busy. image

    SVT - my job is almost in colour. The PhD has always been a big issue and riddled with problems (not all of my own making) which makes it very grey.  I often look forward to getting past it to move out of those shades of grey and sometimes I worry I'll give up before I make it that far.

  • Mouse - I shall leave you with a motto for the day:

    Chase the rainbow


  • I think my job is colour.  Certainly very large parts of it are, even if frequently that colour errs towards the red. image 

    The BT engineer has been here, fixing my phone line for 2 hours.  Now it is pouring with rain and I am hungry.  I think I might give the neighbours a laugh by digging out my Tae-bo video for a bit of toning work, in the hopes that by the time I am done it will have stopped raining so damn hard and I can pootle round the block too.

  • Oh dear Mouse - hope you feel jollier as the day progresses. I suppose knowing where you went wrong might help, eventually?

    Silly Slacker. I must admit (peers round to see who's listening), on FB he does come across as a Very Angry Young Man. I'm sure he isn't really.....

    People with coloured jobs are probably quite lucky - or knew what they wanted out of life quite young, unlike me who messed about for years!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Well, as he stunned me recently by quoting back something I'd posted on here, it would appear he's an occasional iPlayerer so I shall plead the fifth in this instance.


    Note: not that I'm flattering myself that he stalks us on a regular basis, of course.

  • imageimage I rather think the lovely Slacker would relish the Angry Young Man monicker! image
  • Currently my working day is very Visage - fading to grey...
  • I suspect that those of us who have jobs that are colour suffer a vocation, rather than a job.  If I'd kept doing what I was doing when we lived in London, I'd have been earning a great deal more than I do now, but not enjoying it nearly as much.

    Please remind me that I said that next time I am moaning about work? image

    Well, I tae-bo'd, then pilated, then ran in between rain showers.  Now I am sitting down for a little bit before I finish off today's chores.  And making Wyre Forest Cupcakes.  They're like Black Forest ones, but with damson jam instead of black cherry.  Clever, eh?  Lets hope they taste OK!

  • Afternoon all

    (waves to Slacker)

    It's grey outside but I'm enjoying my work today. Give me a tricky problem to solve with just Excel and VBA and I get happily engrossed.

    In unrelated news, after my woeful attempts to lose (i.e. gain) weight at the start of the year, I've just lost exactly one stone in exactly one month. image

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