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  • HL - is it that good?  Maybe the kids and I will have to book something up next year.  I've looked and there's not a lot left for this one!

    I love Brian Cox, but I find that there is a very distinct moment where he utterly loses me.  When we saw him a couple of weeks ago I was all "oooh, I'm going to do my physics a'level, this is ace..." then suddenly went "urgh.... what?" It was somewhere around quarks.  Which is to do with posh ducks, I think.

    We have been mostly birthday partying this weekend.  And fighting with the chickens about whether the soil in my garden should remain on the flowerbeds or, in fact, be scattered over the patio.  Roast chicken anyone?

  • ooh, really must look at Hay...

    Nice run, SVT! That's a huge improvement over 3 miles!

    Today, I too have been gardening; the current project is 'get the hedge down to a manageable height'; I think we're winning but very slowly...

  • Wotsit - well done on the birthday partying and on whipping the chickens into shape.

    Crashie - well done on whipping the hedge into shape - excellent work all round people image

    Wotsit - I agree with Brian Cox - mind you, he manages to take things that are, to most of us, inpenetrable, e.g. all of particle physics as far as I'm concerned, and allow us a small insight into that world - we will never be able to understand it all but he is passionate about what he believes in and HLad was entranced!

    I would definitely recommend Hay for families (if you can persuade a grandparent to take the children to some events for you then you get to go to something for yourself - I almost booked to see Nigella today but then couldn't go image)  HLad is seeing Micahel Murpurgo on Tuesday and we are going back for Andy Stanton (Mr Gum) and some kids' comedy on Thursday.  Some events do sell out very quickly - e.g. for the kids the cookery sessions, but lots of the children's events were available until pretty recently.  My friend booked for Michael Murpurgo on Friday.  Again the "big" name events sell out e.g. Brian Cox, Rob Lowe, Nigella etc. but there are plenty of interesting events with really good authors/commentators  if you like your books and I know you do image  Oh and Gifford's circus is a magical experience for children - real "old-fashioned" circus - they are in Broadway later on in the summer.  But I don't think they get any closer to Worcester - they are in the Cirencester, Cheltenham area a lot.

  • Oh and speaking of festivals Wotsit - there are some good events for kids at the Cheltenham Science Festival in a couple of weeks time and obviously the Literature Festival in October does much the same as Hay (but with less canvas image)
  • Hello

    I wish I'd known about Hay earlier too, then I wouldn't have gone through it this evening on my way back from deepest Wales. I've been away for the weekend to Pembrokeshire.

    All that Particle physics stuff looks really interesting until you do it for real and you have to learn how to do triple integrations etc..
  • Oooh, look.... a squirrel....

    Sorry, you lost me for a moment.

    Just waved a very sad looking Wickett off to work this morning.  He still feels it is unfair that he should have to work at half term when the rest of us are off.  But then he also really feels that the working day should be done by 3.30pm.  Thankfully this is the only pro he can see to teaching, which means we won't be bankrupt with both of us stuck in public service while the government cut everything in sight.

    I've tweaked something in my ankle.  It bothered me in the night, which is bad.  It was fine when I was running, just got worse when I got home and I've massaged, stretched etc but today looks like it might need a touch of ice ice baby.  Its down the side of my achillies (outer) but I can't work out if it is actually my achillies or one of the tendons that stabilises my ankle.  I blame the tae-bo from last week.

    Looks like its going to be a glorious week, now we've all spent bank holiday in the rain.  Isn't one of our non-local listeners doing some kind of triathlon race for life equivalent soon?  That surely should be like a little rain dance?

  • Big thank you to min for her hospitality. Big boo for my buggered shoulder!
  • Oh prof cox is not the best for explaining physics. Read history of everything by bill Bryson. Ok one is a smouldering ex pop star the other a middle age writer!
  • My earlier post seems to have disappeared!

    I'll try again;


  • At the risk of my post disappearing, morning!
  • Wotsit - I fully sympathise with Wickett, having crept out of the house so as not to wake up the wife and daughter (son was already up and watching cartoons).

    Had a great day out in Norfolk yesterday visiting my brother and family - even managed a little canoeing on the broads (okay, just round a very small basin due to the amount of traffic on the main river, and my kids' steering ability).

    I learned something new about eBay this weekend. Apparently it's possible to retract orders. I found this out having been outbid on an item, so I went and bid on something else instead. In the meantime, the bid that beat me on the first item was retracted meaning that I'm now top bidder on both. Which is bad enough, except I got carried away and thought I'd try a last second bid on another item just to see. And won it.

    So I'm currently expecting delivery of one bass, with two more possibly due. Fingers crossed for some higher bids! image

  • SVT - contact the sellers, explain the situation.  Though you do 'committ' to buy, its possible for the seller to remove auction bids.  In your situation its likely that they've removed the top bid (I've done it when someone has bid and then emailed to say "can you ship to serbia for the same price?") so they should remove yours too if you are no longer in a situation to buy.

    Must get the kids sorted and go out.  Our cleaner comes on a Tuesday, when we're all normally at school, but my guilt at having a cleaner when I am on holiday means that I need to escape out of the house today, so as not to be around.  This, however, is my last month with the cleaner.  Still no new contract forthcoming from work which means hourly paid teaching next year.  And I won't know how much or what till Sept image

  • Wotsit - did that, just awaiting a reply. So if they revoke that, it's just one unwanted item still live! If I win that one I chalk it down to experience (and getting a bit carried away)...

    I hope you get some positive news soon from work.

  • Good morning gentlefolk!

     Hmm, sounds like it's a bit of an injury bench in here at the moment; hope everyone heals up ok!

    No great exciteiments chez Hamster; sometimes life just bumbles on regardless...

  • Good morning Mr H

    No injuries here at the moment (touch plastic) - I did 3 miles yesterday morning, followed immediately by a 3-mile run-walk (4 mins to 1) with my sister. It's quite unsettling being up at 6am on a Bank Holiday and seeing... no-one.

  • Morning All........image

    No injury here, very tired though.......have been visiting a friend in hospital. She came off her bike and broke two bones in her back (didn't damage the spinal cord thank goodness), took a right knock to the head and could lose the sight in her right eye as her cycle glasses went into the side of her eye. Ouch!! She's was a bit more with it yesterday.....although she's insisting that maybe the bala swim coming up in 2 weeks would be better than a full tri........think a few more weeks in bed would be much better. She still has no recollection of what happened, knows she's confused but doesn't know why. her hubby assured her that there is nothing different there then.!!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    I have very bad wind.  I hope no students come to see me in the immediate future as I have an office to myself and cannot blame it on the other member of staff/dog/cat.

    Aside from that gem of news, morbidslut!

  • Afternoon all,

    Err, that's it really, nothing else to report, no cakes or beer today image
  • I seem to have managed to sort a 'meeting' on Thursday afternoon with a company looking for some one with my sort of contacts!
  • Sounds promising; are they based near the New Forest or will you have a bit of a trip? image
  • They are based not far from a place that gives me lots of free alcohol every time I leave the country!
  • The first class lounge, to be specific?
  • I wish it was first class!
  • Just spent some quality time chicken chasing.  They were next to me and then they weren't.  Looked around, found one but not the others.  Looked over the fence and they were there, again, in the pub beer garden.  Nice people caught them for me and pointed out the big hole at the bottom of our fence.  Someone has obviously kicked a hole in it, playing football.  Brilliant.  Its behind our shed so inaccessible from our side, so I've blocked it up with bricks but I shall have to go and repair it properly.  Grr...

    Oh and one has now found a small gap through to next door's garden.  Chicken casserrole anyone?

  • Sounds like you're having a 'foul' time; maybe you should sell 'em, even if they fetch only a 'paltry' sum...

    GOMmers, spill the beans then!

  • And I wish to grump about the adverts on here lately:

    driving a camper van from the Hebrides to London isn't that special; our own dear Flyers and Bassy are cyclingf further than that.

    I'd never buy a pair of shoes called the Kwicky Blade-Light; it's a rubbish name.

    I don't want Esquire magazine

    30DD boobs are smaller than I imagined.

    (and not for the first time) those Trailblazer events are expenfsive (that's 'f' in 'expensive'...)

  • And the free prizes you can win? I wouldn't want prizes I have to pay for.

    I drive an Alfa from a little bit north of London to a little bit east of the Hebrides (actually, I think Skye is technically the Inner Hebrides) - I didn't realise I should have an advert to announce this.

  • Informal chat with a greater focus of selling product to the types of end users I deal with on a daily basis, based not that far from Heathrow. Would mean etheir working from home, or moving, not sure yet which it will be. Heard about the job through a trade contact, so gave the owner a ring today to see if he was interested in having a chat. I am near London on Thursday morning talking to another client so said I could pop in then, and he agreed.

    That is about the sum of it, will see what the full deal is late Thursday afternoon.

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