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  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    wow - pretty starchy office there, SVT
  • Barkles - yeah, bunch of squares. If it wasn't totally open plan I might get away with it.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    well if they are too tight to provide walls, thats hardly your fault!
  • It would be quite awesome to bring in my Marshall and guitar, and blast out some tunes whenever the younger members of staff start getting a bit too noisy.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    and grin insanely like that mad grandma off of Britain's Got Talent..
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I wrote a post, forgot to press submit, did something else and lost it.

    That about sums me up this week.


    Good luck at the relays, Musky.

    Uber good luck at the Deca, Symes (probs too late here, have text).  I'll be thinking of you and wishing you on all week.

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Tough day, Mouse?
  • Just popping in yo wish Symes all the best in the Deca. Guess I'm too late so if someone could pass my best on to him I'd appreciate ite cheers. Going to read back over the last few days now. Toodle pip!
  • Looks like I won't have to move!

  • Hello

    Good luck to Symes.

    I've just found out another ex-colleague is about to lose the ex attachment. Work is starting to become strangely familiar with 3 of us there now.
  • Crash Hamster wrote (see)

    Lexers, why's that?

    imageimage.....It didn't happen after 4 weeks delay, 2 cancellations, it didn't happen.!! My Consultant said there was a very good reason....'.Yeh it betta be awesome', I thought, through gritted gums....image!! However it was.....jesu am a Celebrity...OK only in the Dental World.image. My Consultant had been to a Seminar just after seeing me in April. A really innovative thingy a Company in America are doing and because the operations went to plan, i have Extremely healthy gums....(had a photo shoot this morning....of my gums.image), they are going to use this technology for the implants. SOoo 30th June for the uppers and 13th July for the lower....I will be a case study apparently......Fame at last......{cough!!} but i won't need to wear dark glasses in public when i go shopping!!! But everyone else will to avoid the dazzling teeth.image
  • Morning all

    (dons dark glasses to deflect Lexi's glare)

    Good luck to Symes - will have a look on the tri board for updates.

    And (collapse in shock) I just got 7/7 on the quiz of the week's news! I even knew or could make an educated guess at most of them!

  • Lexers, I'll look for you in the journals image

    Morning gentlefolk! Nowt of import happening here, except the tickets for The Darkness arrived; on the one they use for the address etc is printed 'THIS IS NOT A TICKET' in a 50 point font...

  • Mornng all.

    Am woobling for Symes already. The enourmity of it all...

    SVT - Oh I think you should - and film your colleague's faces! Would be fantastic! Course, you might then become an ex-colleague, so beloved of this thread...!

    GOM - all very mysterious, but is it fair to say work is going the way you want it to?

    Mousicles - I feel like you need a hug. So : (((Mouse)))

  • Morning Folks image. have mail !!!

    Sun's out.....So's my washing.!!! image

    At least Symes will start with nice weather......although by the end, i doubt if he will notice what day it is let alone the type of weather.....!!! image

  • Woohoo Lexi, can I have your autograph please? As reasons for surgery not to go ahead, it's the 2nd best yet.

    Gom, not moving can have serious reprecussions for your health of Crash Hamster size proportions. I'm guessing you mean relocation though?

    I can't get the live updates on the Enduroman site to work, boo hiss.

    Crashie, have emailed you but can't make the 19th as doing the Hell On The Humber 20/21st. Anyone else want to play HOTH? It's a 12 hour overnight ultra going back and forth over the Humber Bridge. I wonder if they do a 12 hour race going back and humber over the Forth bridge?

  • I've got the updates, GP. Symes and Mon are both on Lap 2 of the bike, along with about half of the field. One guy is storming it and is on Lap 4!!!

    HOTH - is that running or riding?

  • Cheers Min image

    HOTH is running.

  • Do you have a link (too lazy to google!!)
  • Confused - bike already? What about the swim? Or is it ten x IM rather than 10 x swim, 10 x bike then 10 x run?
  • GP..........Is that August? I am racing the week before.......But it sounds quite Interesting.....have you got a it a team event? Details please..........!!!! image

    Did i just ask for details.....gosh my memory must be getting poor....I've forgotten how tough the last one was already... image.!!!

    Jeepers the stormer will blow if he's not careful......Keep pedaling Symes/Mon .!!!

  • Yes I havea link, but I think you maybe too lazy to click on it image.

    In other news, I will no longer be moving to Bedford with CK. We had a long chat and decided it would mean less travelling and be more financially sound if she moved to Brum instead. Result!

  • Just googled o 3 or Individual????.

    Count me in.

    Cool on no moving GP.

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Morning All

    Good luck to all racers out there.

    I've just found out another ex-colleague is about to lose the ex attachment. Work is starting to become strangely familiar with 3 of us there now.   - Ant I heard from a friend, Roland,  who works for your company that there are about 250 vacancies for engineers

    It is going to be a hot lunchtime  run today image

  • SVT I think it's 10 ironman in 10 days now rather than 24 mile swim, 1120 bike, 262 run.

    Lexi. HOTH is 20/21 August (7 pm to 7 am) it's 4 miles out and back over the Humber Bridge. Entry is £36 for that you get a tshirt, medical support (if needed) gels, bannananananas, water etc. You can do it on your own or as part of a team of 3 (1 runner must be on the course at all times).

  • GP - thanks for that. Wasn't sure how it was arranged - I guess I'd got the double sort of arrangement in my head.
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    I'm off soon.

    Marshalling Towpath 10k  tonight and no Ashton Court parkrun tomorrow as the estate will be overrun by cyclists at the "Bike Fest"

    May go to the Bitton Railway beer festival tomorrow, but I am due to visit my mum in Cardiff sometime soon. Every year at the end of the football season  I say "see you next season", which doesn't go down well.

    Happy running/ cycling/ swimming/ strumming all

  • Well, I tried something different last night, chaps - I did my first ever 10m TT. Safe to say I was petrified! Really enjoyed it though - it is so different! No room for slacking off. Came 19th out of 29, with a time of 28.22. Winner came in in 22.30, last guy in 39.38. I was second lady home, pipped to first by 54 seconds - a seasoned TTer, apparently. Something to aim for!!!
  • Well done Min image

    I've just been looking at the deca results pages and have realised that a horrifying number of names are familiar.  This is very worrying.  I am so going to end up an ironman widow in my retirement.  Wickett has aspirations to be Tony Fisher and I can see myself as Arthur's wife (he was Arthur, wasn't he?) being thrown water bottles and standing there to pass out sandwiches for all eternity.  I must have been a bad girl somewhere... image

  • Hahaha Wotsit - yes, it was Arthur. I thought that - that my world is populated by complete nutters. In fact, it was only when I mentioned the Deca to a non athlete that the ridiculousness of it sank in - and when I said we had got Symes there... I could see that my definition of friendship was being questioned....!
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