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  • imageimageimage Fab news SVT.........!!!!

    Morning All. image

    {rant} My Pink MP3 player (yes its pinkimage) was stolen from the gym Monday night. I must have put it on the bench as i was getting changed for swimming and didn't put it in my locker. No one has handed it in....image. Sods law, i had just had lots of music put on it that day. Oh well one thing....who ever won't be able use it in the gym....with my phone earphones its very well as it being Pink. They only do them in black now. I have no hope of ever seeing it again.....image.....B*^@*rd !!! image

  • Lexi - it was pink though, so it's not that great a loss...

    Musky - that sounds like hard work.  Do you find that speed sessions help you? I only ever do steady aerobic runs, then races.

  • Well done on the Intervals Musky........Yes SVT they do. imageimage
  • Can I not just count a 5k race per week as speed work? image

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    SVT, yes, as long as you run it at 5k pace

    @ lexi Grrr

  • Musky - it may be slow, but it is my 5k pace. image

    No parkrun for me this week - Mrs SVT is on a course so I'm looking after the kids.

  • Lexi, that's rotten of them; as my dear ddad says, 'their balls ought to fester', though I guess we have to substitute 'ovaries' if it was in the women's changing area...

    SVT, fantastic, well done her! What a star (and well done to your BiL too)

    Musky, that doesn't sound like much recovery! A hard session indeed!

    Without giving too much away on tinterweb, I'm currently having to go through disciplinary procedures with one of my staff at the moment; extremely stressful and unpleasant all round...

  • Hello- did you miss me?  I've been away.

    Currently going through a very manic point in our lives.  Wickett and I have spent about 4 waking hours together in the last week, which is pretty bad considering it was his birthday yesterday.  The next week isn't looking all that much better either....

    Off to teach my penultimate evening class, before collapsing in a heap.  If anyone hears a scream later it will be because I have arrived home and found my inlaws have trashed the joint in my absence again.  Why would anyone not put their cups in the dishwasher when staying at someone else's house, especially when the purpose of their visit is supposed to be to HELP OUT! 

    PLease pass the gin.

  • What have you actually done with my fury chum? this corporate rent-boy lark seems to be eating into his forum time something chronic image

    I've just had a Pimms after an exceptionally trying day...there's plenty in the bottle...

  • Morning earlybird; what's the interview news?

  • Well the agency I submitted my CV through wasn't sure if I was the right sort of match!!

    Well after the telephone converstation yesterday, they now can't wait to get me in! So interview 11th July at 4pm, would've been sooner but the Glolbal sales manager is on holiday as from tomorrow for 2 weeks!

    Thought the interview went really well when she asked how I had planned the sales stratergy, and I replied, well we took a view and decided to push into the BRIC markets, there was a bit of a silence, BRIC markets? Brazil, Russia, India and China, the most rapidly substain economic growth markets at this time, they have money and want to spend it! It was very shortly after this, the comment came, we really need to get you in for a face to face. image

  • That's fantastic news GOM - brilliant!

    Wotist, not so brilliant, but I hope it calms down for you soon.

    SVT - brilliance in your direction too. And Musky, but not so Lexi.

    Brilliance for Crashie just anyway!

  • Good morning and brilliance to all

    GOM - great news, sounds very positive.

    Min - happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Min........imageimageimage

    Wow Gom.....sounds the business!!!!

    My MP3 player was handed in to the gym....yesterday at 12.15 pm...I lost it Monday night. The lady whom had it said to receptionist there was no one on the desk when she was leaving the gym Monday. Eh!!! there's always someone either on reception or membership. So why not ring Tuesday morning to say she'd found an MP3 player and has anyone reported losing it. Thanks for handing it in late......i have now ordered another one and its wending its way too me. image (seriously i reckon she listened to my music and thought....urrh too modern)

  • snook in there!!!
  • Now that's a bittersweet story, Lexers...

    GOM, good news mate; it just proves that BRIC sessions are the key to success image

    And brilliance indeed to SVT and Min; and 'happy birthday' too (apparently; it seems Facebook is broken so I didn't know this already...)

  • Lexi - can you return the new one? Failing that, you've either got a spare or you can eBay whichever one you don't like as much.

    We used to have BRYCC brands as the focus at my previous employer - but two of those have been taken back by their respective owners so I guess now it's all about the BYC.

  • Will keep the new one as a spare SVT........just incase i do the same as Monday and it doesn't get handed back AT ALL.!!!! Although i still say having Ultimate NRG Mix, Blade, Basement jaxx etc, is enough for anyone with subdued taste to hand it back!! image

    Did i i didn't....but i will.....I passed my Excel Exam yesterday. Top Marks!! image It was easier than i had expected, but then i had been doing homework from a book that the Tutor said "Oh we don't use that one as it's too complicated for students on the diploma course"....Really????? image

  • =IF(Lexi="Excel Genius","Gold Medal","")

    (where 'Lexi' is a named range, obviously)


  • I'm actually teaching advanced Excel tomorrow to three colleagues. If anyone wants to book a teacher for topics such as spreadsheet design, named ranges (dynamic ones, if the students are particularly advanced), SUMIF(S), VLOOKUP, OFFSET and MATCH, SUMPRODUCT, text functions, conditional formatting, debugging complex formulae and VBA for beginners, I'm your man. Or if you don't want to know how to do any of that and want someone to do it for you, I'm still here.


  • Nice to know you're there, SVT.
  • {{ WoW}} Now that is excel at its best......hmnn if i take it further will book you as a tutor!!image I know about named ranges, sumif(s).... but not dynamic..., would like to know more...but then there is always more to learn what ever level you reach. image. I have 3 modules left, summer hols have got in the wayimage. then the college change from Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010 in Sept , but they haven't got the text books yet...image. Or don't know whom to source them from as Hienman haven't printed any.......but i wanna know {{{NOW}}}. Not when i go back in September, i can study over the hols and then pass the next 3 ultra quick and go onto the next level....(Ok am a swot).

    Right bum off to do.!!!!! image

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    Happy birthday Min

    OK, an excel question

    If I have to measure quantities on a job and I don't want to pass on those quanties/ rates but just show the total

    eg plasterboard  partitions 3000 high: 

    70m 75.00 per m £5250

    All I want them to see is plasterboard  partitions 3000 high:         £5250
    so they don't use my measurement to get other quotes.

    I am sure that there is a way to send the document so thet cannot see the quantity and rate, only the extension, but on my version I can see the lot.


  • Password protect those particular cells?
  • Why don't you just hide the cells, then turn the excel sheet into a .pdf, but make sure you then password protect the .pdf or it can still be edited.

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    Or I could use a white font colour in those columns and hope that they don't spot it
  • I'd either hide the cells and password-protect the sheet, or go with GOM's suggestion.  For info going outside the company I'd be inclined toward GOM's suggestion - the password protection on the pdf might be overkill but if they're the sort of client who might try and tamper with the qoute it does save you going back to your original e-mailed version to prove what the quote really was.

    Lexi - are you jealous to learn that I have Excels 2003, 2007 and 2010 on my laptop (sometimes all in use at the same time)? image

    Dynamic ranges are great - they're named ranges that change size based on the amount of data. Particularly useful for pivot tables or validation lists when the size of the data or the number of options changes on a regular basis.  The number of times I've seen people set up a pivot table based on, say, 1,000 rows of data then forget to change the data range when it gets past 1,000 rows...

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    Just spotted via FB that Tori Amos is playing in Amsterdam the night after the marathon/ half marathon.....
  • musky - very risky!

    Of course, you could also copy and paste values, delete the numbers you don't want them to see, and send. (Which gets you to the pdf scenario - there aren't any calculatins to uncover, but they could still edit the numbers if you don't password-protect it).)

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