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  • Aaaagh - an outsider!!!

    DtS is a cestrian isn't he? I know, I used to be one - but i'm into my livestock now (much like Crash - or are we back to 2 ronnies jokes there?)

    Burn him, burn him!!

    <<runs off to find local priest and a pitchfork>>
  • Nope not a Cestrian at all... SO yah Boo !!!

    I used to work in sight of the Malverns so there...
  • Hereford side or Worcester side?
  • Worcester side I worked in Bishops Cleeve for 6 years
  • Oh, soz..

    I mean.., "Pass in peace traveller - but beware the curse-ed sheep in the far field. Stay on the path"
  • 'wickett' is hereby proclaimed:-

    'Keeper of the Boundaries'!
  • If your passport doesn't have 3 black pears on, I'm turning the dogs loose!

    (maybe not, think I may be alienating some of your listners now)

    (sorry, make that "your listner")
  • e e

    Please insert the above as required into the previous post.
  • Our 'listener' doesn't offend easily.

    No one want a week with Keith Chegwin then?
  • "Feck enham'
  • Returned from the big smoke...having reserved a couple of birthday presents for my young lad, Squawky, from Argos, get there to find the store closed due to 'systems failure'. Bugger.

    Drove to Malvern, where, bless 'em, they had both items in stock. So, if you're planning on visiting Argos in worcesrer today, listeners, don't bother, it's closed.

    Worcester in general is full today, mostly with fat people smoking fags; not a sheep in sight.

    And now on the 8 track, that famous local band Slade, with, appropriately, 'Gudbuy to Claines'
  • Please substitute 'Worcester' in the above post, where appropriate...
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Crashie the fat fag smokeres were probably hidously traumatised what with Argos being shut, show th poor devils some sympathy, play them a tune.

    How about Wurzles doing Fat bottomed girls?
  • that's a smashing idea BB, I'll make it a double header with the Barron Knights' classic 'Smoke on the water' ;o)
  • Are you doing the afternoon quiz on Radio Worcestershire? What is it today? "That's my sheep" or "Name the gate"?
  • What a good request Mister W.

    Crashie and I will have a think about that.

    Something like 'Where is this milepost?.

    Prizes? Free tuition by the local mole catcher.
  • Rodale Towers?

    Comings and goings all day.
  • hey guess wot gossip i just got told by the local bobby on the beat?

    they be some talk bout new cider being put in the tavern. well i thought, i'd bedder be havin a lookie.
    see you later, if i can see later that is.
  • He's a having you on my old son!

    Just wants to check out your opium den!
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    <<hums along , with a stubby of strongbow in grubby little mit>>
  • ' a stubby what? in your grubby little mit'
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Strongbow, innart kk, I'm rehydrating with some of the appley drink because i've been to the gym. It counts as a fruit serving too:-)
  • Coates comes up from Zummerzet where the zider apples grow!
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Zummerzet cider is horrible, cloudy, gut rotting stuff
  • Crashie,

    There's a wonderful new cider for you to try!
  • ooohhhh ohhhh
    moi eads a bit saw this mawnin'
    any chance of playing some James Last easy listening for an hour or two?
    none of your bloomin' chat would be a pleasure as well
  • ennio Moriccone please
  • na heavy metal cos it serves jethro right!
  • hair of the dog time....i'm off to the forum pub
  • two large bloddy mary's later
    feeling sort of better already...
    kk & crashie i've got an idea for the quiz this afternoon.

    bit like what's my line, but
    'is that my cousin or my wife or both'
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