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  • gotta go, big business to do today.
    accountants pah arent they just a pain
  • Sorry. 'Studio's' bit late opening this morning.

    Jethro quiz? Prizes?

    Might we be sponsored by a local big city 'Opium Den / House of Torture and Pain'?
  • Morning

    Lets have the Nolan Sisters this morning
  • Excellent idea, BB. Can we have their rendition of Ace of Spades?
  • worcester BB!!!

    think you would have a bit of trouble picking this up

    whereas i

    am just next door so if i move my computer into the garden and put it on my head i can pick up the faint strains of a worcester accent coming at me

  • No prob, Lurks, it knows where to find old bods, I grew up in Kiddy, so have extra sensors and of course I have broadband, which helps enormously:-)

    Mister W they did some cracking harmonies on thatversion!
  • well BB

    i neva knew that

    you must come to a west mids soshal some time
  • Marnin' all.

    Everybody geared up for the Salwarpe Fete this weekend? The advert says "teas and other refreshments" - and I think I know what that means...

  • Waaaahaaaay......... lock-in in the tea tent. Fabulous!
  • I will be travelling the length of Worcester on Saturday on the M5 on my way to Cornwall. Can you all please stay off the raods to reduce the volume of traffic and make wmy journey quicker. Thanks.
  • you not gonna stop at the Salwarpe fete on the way matt?

    sounds crazeee!!!

    Unless you grease my palm with GT85.
  • I heard a story about a local runner who was convinced spraying WD40 on knees helped ease joint pain.
  • Talk amongst yourselves guys, while I.........

    <<<<<<<almighty kick,, bl**dy 8 track>>>>>>>>>

    B*gg*r OK.

    Now on the 'Dansette' this morning we have the Nolans with:- 'I'm in the mood for dancing', for you to bop along to.
  • Local to YOU, right Matt ;0)

    I heard about the use of stinging nettles to improve performance. Not sure how - take your mind off your muscles aching?

    Nolans? Not got anything a bit heavier - I need to rock - how about 'Dollar'?
  • Crashie check your pigeon loft.

    Carrier coming in with message.......
  • From 1978 Dollar with 'Shooting Star"

    Shooting Star
    (David Courtney)

    Tonight of nights you should be far away
    A million miles from where you are
    You'll hear the rhythm as it sounds across the sky
    Above your heads a shooting star

    And they'll be dancing in the moonlight
    Dancing in the strange light
    Voices from the bright lights
    I wonder who they are
    Don't worry 'cause it's only a shooting star

    They move in closer with their gleaming eyes
    Arrested chariots of fire
    Don't make a move for they begin to speak
    I do believe they wear a smile

    And they'll be dancing in the moonlight
    Dancing in the strange light
    Voices far and friendly
    They know just who you are
    Don't worry 'cause it's only a shooting star

    In the moonlight
  • Didn't the Romans use stinging nettles on long marches?
  • I wonder if SIS make nettles?
  • I accidentally used some nettles last night. I don't think they made me run faster but definately made me swear.
  • Hmmph
    Where is the 'Weekily Wildlife spot'?, or 'View from the sett'?
    I am from Worcestershire and there is nothing in this programme for me. Not even a weather forecast to help me predict slug activitiy.

    And as for the Malvern being a bit barren.... the malverns are a whole string of hills and you have obviously been only up the north end. And barren - well that is not really a word for views of wooded herefordshire countryside from purple flowered bold grandeur is it?

    Even your listeners are ignorant.

    And meanwhile the Malvern Joggers did a beautiful run around Hanley Swan last night, if you would like some running news.

    This radio station is completely worcesterist!

  • Malvern is Worcestershire!

    Hanley Swan is Worcestershire.

    Is there anything beyond the ditch on the top of Malvern Hills.

    It took long enough to stop this Hereford and Worcester nonsense!

    LDB perhaps you might care to become our first regular contributor on all matters 'Wildlife'.
  • Badger-Did you watch Country File at the weekend. It was all about TB and Badger culling.
    I have been on the more wooded areas of the Malverns and its very nice.
    Clent still wins:)
  • Ooooh! Hanley Swan - I ride through there all the time. It looks like a set out of 'Heartbeat', just needs a few Morris Travellers dotted along the roads and it would be perfect.

    But I'm with the badger about the hills, Malverns knock the clent hills into a cocked hat.

    (actually I've never been to clent, I just wanted to use that expression because I like it :0) )
  • Thoughts on the Wyre Forest?
  • Wyre Forest ?

    Yes I'll do that dirty 8 miler next spring.....
  • I'd like to build my own village in the forest canopy.
  • The Wyre Forest is lovely. One used to live in an old railway carriage down button bridge lane. My cats misspent their youth there (up a tree)

    Morris Travellers in Hanley Swan? You must be joking - it is millionaire belt! But my lovely VW garage man has now moved into the village so there are some lovely past their best campervans now parked on the main street. Beautiful countryside in between the road bits though. On a very serious note though, the owner of the very lovely village stores was found in a pool of blood and glass last week, having disturbed intruders, and is still in a coma.

    Wickett, thank you for your rightful observations upon my lovely hills.

    KK... Wildlife update.. my cats brought a little brown bird into my bedroom yesterday morning. AFter an exciting chase involving under the chest of drawers and into the top of the wardrobe, both cats were evicted and shamed, and the little bird revealed itself to be fully recovered with a bold fly round, before exiting out of the top window with a final tweet.

  • LBD perhaps we could have a craft spot?
  • As a east Yorkshire lad, how do you pronounce Worcestershire? Is it "Wear-cest- a-shire" or "Wustershire"? I use that brown sauce of their's and have always pronounced it "Wuster" Sauce , but the advert with that guy from "gimme, gimme, gimme" pronounces it as "Wuster-sir-shire" sauce or summat!
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