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  • really really sorry
  • S'ok Dave, all better now....
  • Just wondering if you could do the Guns & Roses version of the Post Horn Gallop
  • Crashie my invite must have got lost in the post. Alas she-cub is having a friend to stay and I had best be there, but otherwise......
    [remembers Jethro and a tear comes unbidden to her eye]
  • I have to go and see the slippery swine before too long tho, to stock up on perfomance enhancing drugs for Lake V. Didn;t know that he was now providing 'Charlie'.... hmmm interesting.

    PS Crashie - if you want to supply me with any laughing gas canisters - top quality - for next summer - we are quids in!
  • (that is nitrous oxide to the dental professional!)
  • What use did you have in mind LDB? :o)

    Wish I was doing Lake V, we weren't quick enough with the entries....

    Must go and torture the innocent, I'll leave you with Iron Maiden and Shania Twain with 'Run to the Malvern Hills'
  • I know a man with Two Dogs and one entry..... seriously, he has jsut wimped out! See DS.

    Lovely tune there!

    Crash hamster - it is legal to sell at festivals in a balloon for £1 a pop. A friend of a friend made a grand last weekend. You can buy stuff made for soda streams on ebay but the dental stuff is apparently top drawer...
    ahem praps we should not be discussing this on local radio!!!!
  • You could even cadge a lift with the MJs in our minibus!
  • Isn't this just the sort of stuff local radio was made for ? that and why has Mrs Miggins gate got a squeak ?
  • DEpends if PC LocalPlodd is listening innit... don;t think Crashie's involvement would be legal... In which case Suzy might be able to help. Or is that Suzie? Eek it is so long since you have mentinoed her!!!
  • Mrs Miggins gate has a squeak so she knows when her next customer comes into the garden.

    I don't normally do free advertising but here goes:-

    Mrs Miggins Olde Worlde Tea Shoppe serves the best cuppa in the village, her sister Dolly makes all the cakes.
  • Suzie Still mention her over on the Scouse forum.. Infact we all met up last Saturday.
    Tis only 178 days til Suzie becomes Mrs Ex-Spartan
  • Transmission here is completely illegal.
    We are transmitting using Rodale Towers frequencies.

    One eye is permanently cocked keeping an eye out for "Masher Spedding' and his band of blagards!
  • So you are a Pirate DJ ??? Kewl
  • Yep but not from the PSOF.
  • I think Suzie might prefer to be called Mrs Spartan rather than Mrs Ex-Spartan DTS! Sounds a bit like its over before its even begun!
  • Damm you Hamster - I can't get 'Run to the Malvern Hills' out of my head, and when I add the word 'Malvern' it turns it into a twiddly folk song.

    You've ruined a classic forever! I'm telling Brue Dickinson.
  • Folk, Folk......

    I knew we were missing out on soemthing.

    Right now all after me, put your finger in your ear....................
  • Morning 'Pop Pickers'.

    In light of the present weather we start with "Flowers in the Rain"

    Apparently by some group from oop north. (Birmingham I think)
  • gooooood morning Worcestershire!

    Hot news for the podgies amongst us- if your waist measures less than 40" as a bloke or 35" as a's ok!

    I'm certainly off to the kebab shop tonight!

    A bit of an odd 8 track for you now, Althea and Donna and Slayer with 'Uptown Snodsbury'
  • <<BB arrives with a tray of coffee>>

    Two huge mugs of fully caffeinated coffee with six sugars and full cream to go with the kebabs.
  • See Crashie brilliant service.

    Better thans Mrs Miggins Olde Worlde Tea Shoppe!
  • Morning radio Worcestershire. Any chance of hearing that Michael Jackson classic "Two Little Boys"?
  • Michael Jackson coming right up with two little boys, Mr W!*

    And how's your lovely wife and sister?

    BB <mwah> thanks for the drink!

  • * punctuate the above sentence as you will...
  • My pleasure Crashie, I've just suggested a bit of inter-thread conviviality to kk;-)

    oeeeer missus
  • Crashie I've just said to BB that we've some fascinating finger in the ear folk music.
  • All around my hat by Jamiroquai ?
  • Dave:-

    The live version or the studio version?

    (Or the bootleg version!)
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