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  • Thats a hell of a top of the page BB
  • Just the lead BB, and a nice clean dry tea towel!!
  • <<bows>>

  • Ok kk:-)

    The bow was to Dave
  • kk, I have an old lead that has previously been used on other political and religiopus leaders (including several prominent ministers); does it *have* to have been used on doges in particular?

    I overplayed that one a bit, didn't I? :o)
    So here's the Sex Pistols with their version of 'all around my hat'
  • Hows about Led Zeppelin ( and Robert Plant lives in Arley Worcestershire) and their rendition of 'Fog on the Severn'........

  • The Wheels on the Bus (passes), By the Rolling Stones
  • Sorry Dave can't play that!

    The Miss's Tremble triplets who run the village shop get 'overexcited' when that's played.
  • thanks for the Fred Archer info kk - who'da thought it!
  • A little quiet on the airwaves this moring, is Worcestershire having a lie in?

    Tis a glorious morning in Wiltshire and, other than the usual concerns about milk quotas and beef prices, all is well with the world. There have been unconfirmed reports of fly tipping in Compton Bassett but no-one has owned up.

    Can I suggest U2 - Beautiful Day as an opening song for the airwaves this morning.
  • Goooooooood morning Golly, goooooooood morning Worcestershire!

    It's a glorious sunny day and all is right with the world!

  • <<waves from zummerzet>>

  • Hello Crash - A little quiet on here today, are we all out in the fields doing country type things or, heaven forbid, are we listening to another program??

    BB - Will be passing through your lovely county on Friday morning o the way to Cornwall. Tis nice down that way.
  • Bit busy at the day job at the mo', Golly! Don't know what's happened to our Lickey End correspondent, perhaps Mrs Marconi is having trouble with her washing line and it's taking both of them to get it up...

    I *am* actually supposed to be on holiday at the moment, I just seem to have completed 5.5 hours work- and there's still the cows to see to :o)
  • I'll wave Golly

    Lickey End, guffaw (TM Dr Nic)
  • Morning DJs and listeners alike. Thought this thread had sunk far enough (!) - time to pop it back to the top with a musical request.

    Feeling a little low on energy, so something 'peppy' would be great. How about Sum 41's cover of 'Jesu joy of mans desire'?

    (and kk - is that true about Bob Plant in Worcestershire?)
  • Goooood morning Worcestershire!

    I may not be kk, but I can confirm the truth of the Robert Plant story, he can regularly be sighted in such exotic places as outside the Co-Op in Franche...

    Now settle back for another enthralling episode of Crashie's Country Lore:

    I (please read as 'Oi' and continue in Worcestershire accent) was out on my Wednesday morning trip to the swim in poo on my Raleigh Shopper today and it was wet and windy. When I got to the pool, bugger me if I hadn't gone and lost my penis! Anyway, I finally located it in my abdominal cavity after a brief Crashie's country lore of the day is 'If you've been outside and can't find your willie, winter's on the way'
  • I'm beginning to wonder if my co-presenter hasn't taken his caravan to Tardebigge for the Bank Holiday weekend to stock up on their rather splendid scrumpy....

    And now, Aled Jones and Dumpy's Rusty Nuts with 'Morning has Broken' certainly has here and I would be grateful if someone would fix it, quick-smart...
  • lol Crashie

    I'm glad that you found it again:-)
  • I went to Franche first and middle school, we also did our weekly shop at Franche Co-op, always a pork pie and some mature cheddar, for Saturday luch, accompanied by crusty white bread from Rays, the baker. Sometimes we'd have lardy cake too:-)
  • Franche? Where Sean Connery goes on a booshe cruishe
  • Lame. Sorry.
  • made me smile wickett
  • There was a good joke in there somewhere - but I didn't find it...., it's the weather.
  • Thanks BB - but I blame you for making me miss going to the gym today. I crave all the food you listed above - must find pork pie, cheese and crusty bread..., mmmmmm!

    (Or, I could do both, which would justify eating all of the above)

    ((Decision made; BB - you're off the hook!))

    I'm off for some serious luncheon :o)
  • I've been to the gym, wickett and scoffed chicken sanwiches for a post lunch workout.

    Am about to have a mug of green and blacks hot choccy though:-)

    What flavour crisps today, Crashie?
  • Smooooooky baaaaaacon <going all wistful and dreamy>

    No crisps til after Snowdonia Mara, BB, need to loose lard (I'm not carting 14st up the Llanberis Pass under any circumstances...and I'm down to 13st 9 in under 3 weeks, so it's working...)
  • Fab stuff, I shall chase you down in the weight loss, though you do have a head start on me.

    Sadly I can't give up crisps becaues I don't really eat them.

    It will be the drink with me.
  • Fear not for I am back.

    Two nights at the very lovely Lake Vrynwy Hotel on our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

    Crashie knew this but his memory from Saturday night disappeared completely down the tubes with his beer.

    BTW have you entered TG yet??? Crashie.

    And I virtually fell over Robert Plant in Arley one early Sunday morning a few years back.
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