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Hi folks was wondering if I could pick some expert brains?

I have a plan for this year, I would like to run my local half marathon in Jersey in mid April and then at the end of June the 21st I'd like to run/walk the round island walk which is about 48 miles, i walked it last year but I'm thinking a run/walk could be fun.

Would this be possible or am I mad? At the moment I'm running four times a week for about half an hour, and have been running for nearly a year.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




  • Hi, rich, Im no expert but Im also aiming to do a half by about end of April. take a look at the training section on this website, it gives a good detailed training plan which is about 10 weeks long. I suspect youll have to lengthen one run by a bit each week so that you can stay on your feet for the whole half !

    good luck
  • Richard, Theres loads of time for training for the half. How many miles a week do you run now on average and what's your longest run ?

    You need to increase each of these gradually by not more than 10% per week. Ideally your long run shouldn't be more than half your total weekly mileage (third would be better). You should increase your long run so that you get in at least a couple of at least 13 milers two weeks before the race. The week before have an easy run instead.

    A spreadsheet is useful for this.
  • Cheers for the tips. At the moment I,m averaging 16 miles a week with no long run.

    Any thoughts on doing a half marathon then training up for a 48 miler? Is it feasible?
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    If you've been doing some running for the 1/2M and keep it up until the 48 miler you may well find it easier to run some of it than walk the whole distance, as long as you take your time and don't try to run too hard. Last year I did my first Marathon at end of April then ran walked a 46 Miler in Jun or Jul, After the Marathon I did weekly long runs of 10-12 Miles and didn't do any specific training for the 46 just ran and walked as I felt on the day.

    Good Luck with both events
  • You need to do some long runs
    otherwise, you will still manage the 48, but you wont enjoy it
    Aim for long run.walk each week, increasing by a mile every 2 weeks
  • Richard,
    I will be doing my first 1/2 Marathon too in April, & I used the 12 weeks RW Schedule. I think you should have a look at both the 10 weeks & 12 weeks and use the one you'll think will work for you.
    Good Luck.
  • Richard, the Road Runners Club offers training schedules for the London to Brighton which is 55 miles - perhaps you could contact them and base your 48miler training on that?
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