Things I have learnt from the Forums...

I was sitting around the house after last night's wonderful 8 mile treadmill session (!) and thought about this wonderful place and decided to come up with a list of things I've learnt from my experiences...

1) Snoop Dogg, the infamous West Coast rapper has moved East from LA to Orpington, Kent

2) New Runner might not be wearing underwear in New York!

3) Runners on the whole are a friendly bunch... Really!

4) I have an abnormal obsession with trainers!

5) This forum is as much about sex and nudity as it is about running!

6) I'm even more immature than I thought I was!

7) Rob Spedding is no relation to Charlie

8) Ratbag's lady friend would beat him if she knew how much time he spent on the forum instead of working and/or buying her expensive gifts.

9) Snoop is a closet naturist

10) I'm sure there's more, but can't think at the moment!



  • This might make an interesting thread.
  • Just need to edit point no. 8... I meant to say RATHER than buying her expensive gifts, but you get the idea!
  • Point number two.
    Firstly - am honoured and delighted to be in the top ten, flattered beyond belief, i'd like to thank all those who made it possible...and a special mention to Ratbag for deciding it was "acceptable" to discuss it in company on Sunday!! and for the record - am still making up my mind about the whole knicker issue.
  • I miss all the interesting conversations. You've found someone for Bristol then.

    When you going to get a car then Jon
  • Jon doesn't driven, Jon is driven!
  • Oops... need EDIT!!!
  • Yes! I wont be alone after all!
  • Can't you borrow a chauffeur from you're work place Jon
  • I've learnt that used properly, these forums can eat up a HUGE amount of time !
    Stop doing such interesting subjects people !
  • Work? Me? I trust you're joking Mr. Bk
  • I've got a teddy named Cougie, yes I know I'm 39 but as New Runner has already tarnished my reputation I may as well finish the job. Does your's originate from the Australian word.

    Jon - Still being fooled by your e-mail address
  • BK... Its an authentic email address... I promise
  • Sorry - nothing Antipodean - it's after my dear departed Bike. Sob sob. Thanks for stirring up that particular pot of heartbreak and despair.....

  • Sorry to bring back such memories for you. What sort of Bike?
  • Custom built racing bike - Reynolds 653 - beautiful it was.
    But now I've seen the light, and have been reborn - as a runner - although I still ride on a Sunday.
    Well, it'd be impolite not to.
  • I always saw you as a Titanium kinda guy m'self!

    Have you ever seen Chas Roberts' bikes? He made a cracking mountain bike called D.O.G.S B.O.L.X or something like that!
  • So why the name, is it a manufacturer or just a name of endearment.

    I believe in aboriginal it means 'Dirty Water'
  • Oops... I'm butting in... I'll git me coat!
  • Derivation of Cougar - the maker. Dirty water doesn't sound quite as nice !

    Mmm - Titanium - closest I've got to that is a saddle rail, and my wedding ring.

    The Dogs BOLX was a lovely MTB Bike. I used to race MTB's until I worked out I spent more time cleaning them than racing them - Doh !

    Running is fab - I can run and still have time to read the papers. Kinda. And no need to polish your trainers ? Or is there an no-one told me ?
  • No such things as butting in anymore as you can't answer to a particular thread. Makes for some very strange conversations though.
  • oh yes... Two teas and a packet of plain digestives please!
  • Doesn't anybody work anymore?!!!
  • Mad as a hatter!
  • I've got these boring updates that require a change and then you wait for them to finish running. A bit like old fashioned compilations.

    So what's you're excuse NR
  • Hello NR,

    Thanks for the special mention. Of course it's acceptable to discuss such things.

    Just wondered. Does your travelling companion know of your underwear dilemma!! ;-)
  • Wondering whether it would be better to go for a swim tonight and maybe even tomorrow as my legs are still hurting like hell? Even though I should be running at least twice in the week at the moment...Not sure about the portaloo set up at the gym though...
  • Don't start that again. Cheeky *****
  • RB - My "travelling companion" to NY is just a good will not be discussing with him! At this rate - they'll stop me at customs! (Laughing at my desk!!)
    BK - I would have dropped the whole matter but I saw your feeble attempts to slander me on another thread somewhere..!!
  • Thought you might. See you spend more time on here than the rest of us.

    RB. How does the Mrs RB feel about life, the universe and running now.
  • i've learnt that a good picture gets you into the madness that is The Forum

    BK - tell me how i pull the picture stunt please (private email is probably the best way to avoid boring the hell out of our other train spotters)//bang it over, mate

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