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  • The Runlondon website has this to say on whether Nike makes money:

    "No. RunLondon is a non-profit event. Fees from registration are invested in the events, plus Nike invests additional money to ensure the quality of training runs, race packs and the events themselves"

    Whether you believe them or not is up to you.

    I did the Paris half marathon this year, which cost around £20 as I remember. It was a great event, but certainly not as well organised as last year's Nike 10k, no warm up, and only a cheap T-shirt.

    Last year's Nike 10k was my first ever race, and in a year I can honestly say that I haven't done a race since which was as inclusive, as well organised or as much fun (and certainly nothing with as swanky a piece of free kit!).

    If you think it's too expensive then don't do it, but you'll miss out on a really fun race. Hell, I'm in!
  • Back for 5 mins - I'm doing the Amsterdam half on same day - £26 with t shirt, medal finish in stadium, energy drinks, sponges/water en route, fab day for family with additional fun runs too.
    Bye folks, and enjoy!
    maybe next year I'll do it if it's not so expensive!
  • ClassyBird and LoobyLoo - don't let the cynics get you down. Remember it's a quid every time you turn up for a training event or run one of the 5ks. With a bit of dedication you could put £15-20 in the coffers of a good charity.

    I was in Niketown this lunchtime (on the trail of a pair of Nike Free 5.0s) - trying to find an elusive pair of 8.5s...anyway, I digress...

    The printed bumf they have in there describes the £32 as a "Yearly Subscription".

    Rick - welcome.

    Chris - aren't the "ones in the red shirts" the security officers on Star Trek. If memory serves...aren't they always the first to die?
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