60 seconds to teach a beginner

It's an editorial conceit, we confess, but we've written an occasional series of 'shallow but helpful'guides.

Our first one is for beginners (the link is above). What would *your* one-minute guide say?

Sean, RW


  • Take it slowly - tortoise not hare
    Buy appropriate shoes
    Set goals that are aceivable
    Find a partner
    Have fun
  • plan when you want to run so you will have time to do it
    don't give up if you have to have walk breaks
    don't give up if it feels hard and don't look for excuses not to run
    join a club
    expect to be tired at times
  • Start slowly - even if you think you're going too slow, you're probably not

    Get good shoes!

    Choose your first race carefully, so you're not put off by the speedy runners

    Listen to your body - if it hurts, rest!

    vary your routes so you don't get bored

    Enjoy yourself and feel smug that you're getting fit and not sitting in front of Eastenders eating crisps
  • 1. Put one leg in front of the other quicker than walking, it's called running.
    2. Try not to do too much too soon (but just making yourself breath hard/sweat is not necessarily too much!)
    3. Start on soft surfaces.
    4. Don't go out and running gear until you know you enjoy it and want to continue further.
    5. Set targets.
  • It's not a crime to walk.

    In fact it's positively beneficial sometimes.
  • Proper shoes
    start slow
    increase slowly
    walking is GOOD
    rest days are a MUST
  • There are better races to do than the commercial, overpriced races (I'm not going to name). Try a local, lower key race. Not only are they cheaper, but they are normally better organised and friendlier.
  • The only other thing I'd add is to try to stick with a plan - or to a goal, and that if you don't feel like going out for a run, go out for a walk in your gear anyway and you'll probably end up running!
  • Don't do it. It will take over your life.
  • How about the slightly more off the wall ones:

    1. Always plan your route so you know where there is a toilet that you can use in an emergency.

    2. Tonic water is brilliant for easing cramp, gin not included :-(

    3. Cheap kit is just that.... cheap, not inexpensive.

    4. Motorists, pedestrians and (deep intake of breath) cyclists are not as considerate as you would hope.

    5. All the people who pass comment when you are running are just jealous.
  • Dont push too hard too soon & enjoy
  • Even at your slowest, you're faster than 95% of the population!
  • Improvement is about consistency, don’t push too hard so to injure yourself or over train and thru constancy you will achieve
  • Never be afraid to stop or walk - It's a real buzz the first time you are able to run past points where you used to have to have a breather.

    Keep things in perspective - if you were ever going to run at "Olympic Gold" pace, you would have not spent the last few years on adiet of beer and curry. Relax and enjoy realistic targets.

    Find a friend to run with - it's great to have someone to pull you through when the lure of the sofa gets too strong. It works well for them too!

    Don't buy a stopwatch.


    Then - start slow - run/walk - enjoy
  • Dont think I could say much different to whats here already.

    I definately agree with the good shoe thing it made a big difference to me.

    Patience is a virtue!!

    Walking is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Find an achievable aim to work towards.

    Dont use a watch or concentrate on time use distance as a guide instead!
  • Oh and as pixie said, get a good sports bra (if your a girlie)
  • I think one of the most important things that I do not think (correct me if I am wrong) anyone has mentioned...


    Thoroughly too or you will end up with very tight inflexible muscles which will be more prone to injury!!!
  • Dont use a stopwatch and try to "beat the clock" every time you run. If you want to keep an eye on your progress maybe time yourself over the same course once a week.

    Aswell as buying the correct shoes, dont forget about the right socks too, these can cause blisters too!

    Do not run through niggles, they could turn into serious injuries.

    The first month or so of training is the hardest. Persevere and you will be rewarded, in no time at all you will be running a 10k effortlessly and you will be so proud of yourself!
  • LauraFLauraF ✭✭✭
    If you get out of breath on your first few runs, walk for a while. All the people I've met who said 'tried it - didn't like it' are those who thought they had to go fast and keep going from day one.
  • If you haven't exercised in a long time and suspect you may have problems with blood pressure etc. You really should speak with your doctor. It is however unlikely that they won't support you in your endeavours!

    Best advice?

    You can't start out too slowly and don't be afraid to build gradually from Jog /Walk to Run /Walk and onwards.

    No matter how hard you find it to believe, you WILL get to a point when it suddenly clicks and you find it all comes together mentally and physically.

    There really IS a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (corny eh?) if you can get through the first few months ;0)
  • The first ten minutes of a run are the worst - I've been running for a year and that still applies.
  • Beware running is addictive, it can take over your life.
  • Keep a running log. When things get tough and motivation is lacking, look back and see what you have achieved since you started. It soon puts a smile on your face and makes you want to pull on your trainers again.
  • remember, your life as it has been

    IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dont worry about what other people are thinking
    if it does bother you-run EARLY am

    there is no such thing as too slow
    There is no such thing as wasted miles-something is alwyas better than nothing
    Dont compare youself with others-you may get disillusioned
  • The hardest part of running is putting your kit on.

    Always compare how you feel before your start to how you feel when you have finished.
  • yeah thats a good one halo
    you will never regret going for a run
    (i didnt say ultra i DIDNT)
  • get proper shoes from a proper running shop
    walking is good
    the first 10 minutes are the worst
    you don't have to run eyeballs-out
    run in different places and off-road
    have a running buddy or an MP3
    enter an event to give yourself a target
    don't run every day to start with
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