Have you ever used "aerobics" videos. When it is cold and just cannot be bothered to go out running (and I hate treadmills) I would like to be able to exercise at home at a good intensity. I have check some videos but nothing makes me sweat any ideas?
Thanks for your help


  • Veronique

    Try a really hard step video, trouble is if you do any major mileage it doesn't seem to raise a sweat.

    If you are a member of a gym a stepper or eliptical trainer will raise a sweat or rowing.

    Good luck and be careful not to injure your self.

  • Hi,
    I havn`t done it with a video, but Tae Bo with Billy Blanks is a good exercise. I have done it in a univerity sports course back in Germany. It is a kind of martial arts with music.
    I saw, that it is avaible at HMV.

    I also heared, that Jade from BB has made a video. But this is probably more entertainment than sports.
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