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I'm following the beginners marathon training plan, sent with my marathon magazine. Is it OK to move the midweek runs about a bit. i.e. I want to move my tuesday Fartlek run to wednesday. Will I suffer any ill-effects ?


  • That will not give you any problems at all as far as I can see.

    I now wait to be shot down in flames.
  • Totally agree Swiss, I don't believe there is any problem with that at all.

  • God, I hope not - I do it all the time!

    From what I remember from reading Hal Higdon's site, it's OK to move runs around, and even very occasionally miss one, as long as you don't miss the long runs.

    I've been having back problems for the last 10 days, and have missed my long run this weekend, on the basis that it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm going to try a five-miler tonight and see how I get on...

  • I reckon its fine to move them about. I think the main things are to make sure that the long run is done and to try not to move the days so you do two tougher days in a row. This can get a bit depressing on the second day and the quality of the second tougher run will probably not be as good.

    I move my schedule about all the time to fit in with social life and just generally how I am feeling!!
  • Thanks for the usual top quality advice - it's very welcome. One more question. Is it OK to do my fartlek training on a treadmill or are roads better ? All my other runs are on roads and I always try and include at least 1 big hill.
  • Again, I reckon that this is fine - it's really what works for you!! I tend to do fartlek on the road (just personal preference, nothing more) but do sometimes use the treadmill for a shorter, faster run. I think you need to make sure the incline is at 1% to make it more representative of road running.

    I think treadmills come into their own for hill training - I use them all the time to do my hill sessions. Another good setting on some treadmills is 'random hills' which makes it a little more interesting!!

    Good luck with the training!!

  • We're off to Mexico in just under three weeks, and have done an offer where you don't know precisely which hotel you'll be in until you get there. I'm praying that it's a hotel with a gym so that I can get on a treadmill whilst I'm there, rather than running around the streets...

  • Hi Mr A
    Lucky you. I went to Mexico 4 years ago but in September. Mr SG and I went out once and once only. Lots of queer looks from the locals and the heat was just too much. Enjoy your holiday
  • I have to move my whole schedual around to fit in with my work, all I do is fit my long run in on my day off, then arrange the others in some sort of order.
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