Ok to run with sore quadriceps?

I just started running this week (on Sunday I did a 15 minute jog/walk round my local park with a warm up & down) and my quadriceps are still a bit sore and stiff. Will it be ok to run tonight? I will try to strech as much as possible before and after. Is there anything else I can do?



  • First of all well done Daniel for taking a serious opportunity to improve your quality of life.

    Wouldn't worry too much about a bit of soreness. Start your next session with a walk and build up to the jog/walk bit - that's probably wiser than starting at a run then walking when you're tired.

    I would also suggest stretching only after your session at the moment - you shouldn't stretch when cold and 15 mins is a good time to get properly warm.
  • I'll echo that , well done Danial and don't worry about being stiff , it will pass as long as you listen to your body and dont overdo things !
  • A bit of tiredness/stiffness, and maybe the odd twinge is I think pretty normal.

    If the quads are at that stage where when you're going downstairs - you go "ouch" at every step then I'd say no. I overdid it on Sunday and that's what mine were like until earlier today. I just did a yoga class and they feel considerably better
  • take a warm bath and do some light stretching (and i repeat light because you ca over stretch when your muscles are as relaxed as they are after a bath, and you could do more damage) after tha bath. massage all the major and minor letg muscles, @(cross laterally, ie. at 90 degrees to the direction in which the muscle runs, for the quads this is left to right of the thigh, at alternating places.) do the ,massage whilst in the bath. and don't run after the bath.

    also advisable is some cross training, try cycling, and put moderate effort into it to begin, don';t over do it, but work up to as high an intensity as you can. no specialist bike needed, a regular mountain bike will suffice no suspension required until you go off road.

    and have fun, don't slavishly seek for constant improvement, this may well lead to burnout, but don't go toooo easy all the same.

    good luck with becoming a full scale runner. i admire your eforts, don't give up, ever, you will want to in a few weeks, but think of the benefits you will reap through your perserverance.

    have fun,

  • Thanks for the input, I went running (10 mins walking 10 jog and 10 walking) last night and I feel good today. Legs are still a bit sore but not unbearable.

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