Tommy's Charity Runners - 2006

Just heard that I've got a guaranteed place for FLM 2006.

Running Nottingham half in 4 weeks, and hope to do 1:50 (ish), so am aiming for 3:45 - 4hrs for FLM.

Any other Tommy's runners.


  • So then, there's no other people running for Tommy's??
  • How much do they ask for?
  • They ask to try for a minimum of £2,000
  • I ran for Tommy's in 2002 and raised approx £2,400. This year I've put in for the 'lucky dip'. If I get in I'll run for Tommy's and just raise a smaller amount. I don't think I could commit to raising that amount again...
  • Hi,

    Both my wife and myself have guaranteed places with Tommy's for FLM 06. Running FLM for the first time and are a bit panicky about both raising the £2k but should be good.

    We're running because out little girl was born 2 months premature and is now a healthy (and noisy) 20 month old.
  • Hi all,
    I am too a lucky recipient of a place for Tommy's. Dianna kept hold of my name as I had to pull out last year. I am running in my first marathon in memory of my daughter Sian who was stillborn in Nov 2001. Any one from the Swindon area.
  • I am running for Tommy's also!! Got a guaranteed Golden Bond place. Organised it in April!!

    It is my first time doing a full marathon but I am relishing the challenge I tell you!! Have you all started fundraising yet? £2000 is a scary target but I might be able to get my company to donate something substantial which would help a LOT!

    How is your training going? Where are you from? I am in the West Midlands. :)
  • Hi Lee,

    I live in Swindon - so if you want someone to go for long runs with on the w/e let me know. I'll not know if I'm in until the resutls of the ballot are out but go out every weekend with Alice [she gets to go in a baby jogger].
  • Hi Claire

    We have started fund raising because as both of us are running we need to raise £4000.00. It is quite scary but you'll be surprised how generous people are when you tell them what you are doing.

    Training going well so far and we are hopefully running a 10k in a couple of weeks to keep us motivated.

    We are from Falkirk in Scotland so not looking forward to the winter training as the snow can get horizontal up here.
  • Running Dad,
    How u doin, would have been in touch sooner but internet on the blink so doin this from work. I am in Wroughton, at the mo can only do long runs on the treadmill. trying to balance out road and treadmill running. Would love to hear from you.
  • Lee,
    I try to get out each weekend; currently doing anywhere from 5 - 8 miles. I was training up for the Swindon half and the plan was to carry on gently building up the miles [see if I get in through the ballot] -but a change in plans now means I'll be doing the Blenheim 10k instead. I'm not so good at getting out in the week at the moment!

  • Im currently training 5 times a week at the moment... 30 mins jog 4 times a week and then around an hour at weekends, mixture of power walking/ jog/ run... bit of interval training for me at the mo.

    i need some new trainers though, my feet are wrecked! covered in blisters.

    I got my justgiving page up and running.. if you wanna see its ..lil bit about me and my fundraising for tommy's!
  • C'mon, any more tommy's runners about?! :-) Perhaps towards the time we can meet up and do a half marathon together around feb/ march??
  • Claire - yep sounds like a good plan.
  • Ive reached £400 now, woohoo nearly at the 25% mark!
  • I like the idea, glad you are doing well on the fund raising, better than me as I have just the one sponsor. Hopefully it will speed up.
  • Any one got any ideas on fundraising as I have drawn a total mind blank and can't really think of anything
  • Hello to all you guys raising money for Tommy's next year. I did last year's and found the £2k target quite daunting too but managed around £4k. I found everyone to be really generous particularly when they hear what you have been through. My wife and I lost our son Dylan in 2002 when he was stillborn the day after his due date. Our second son Oscar was there to cheer me, and everyone, on last year. :-)))

    Good luck with the training. London is fantastic, take it easy, don't panic and.. do write your name on your vest. It makes a real difference as you'll never be short of support from everyone.

  • I think my cheque has been cashed!!!
  • I am running for Tommy's in next years London Marathon. I am currently running 37 miles a week and did my first Half marathon in 5 years, three weeks ago in a time of 1 hour 44 mins.

    At the moment my sponsorship is totalling £1500.00 so I am getting close to the £2000.00 mark.

    If anyone else lives in or around High Wycombe and feels like running at any time let me know.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • come on you guys I could do with some good fundraising ideas, I am seriously stuck. My cheque was cashed on the 2nd
  • Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know I am moving to Loughton, NE london, at the end of december so if anyone fancies training out and about anywhere let me know!

    Halfway there with my fundraising now too!
  • Another Tommy's runner here... I only started running in February this year, but I've already finished the Great North Run in 1.51, so my confidence is growing daily...

    I'm in Chorleywood and would be happy to meet up with others for a long Sunday run...
  • Has anyone else increased their training and injured themselves..? I'd been happily doing 20-25 miles per week and over the last 5-6 weeks I'd increased to around 30-35, all was going well until last week when my left Achilles, right hamstring, left hip and lower back all decided to flare up at once... I'm now in the gym on the cross-trainer and pretty depressed about the whole thing... Still, better now than a few weeks down the road...
  • Hi,

    Just reached the £2000.00 mark.

    Now all I have to do is reach 26 miles in April.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • Well done Steven, I'm up to £1500 so I'm getting there... How's the training going, which program are you following..?
  • Training going well. Up to 45 miles a week.
    Run 17.5Miles in 2 hours 32 mins.
    I have got 5 half marathons planned before the big day.
    I am following my own training plan.
    All seems to be going well.

    Good luck.
  • Hi

    Well done Steven on reaching the £2k. Let's hope the rest of us hit the target soon as well.

    Do any of you Tommy's runners have tips on getting accomodation in London. There is a small army of us coming down and needing a nice, reasonably priced hotel.

    Hope all your training is going well and the weather where you are is being a bit kinder to you than it has been to us.

  • Thanks to you all for your help and advice it really helped??? I have had to pull out of the marathon for personal reasons, but wish you all the luck
  • Hey Steven, are you doing any of these..?

    Boxmoor 17 26/2
    Berkhamsted HM 5/3
    Finchley 20 12/3
    Silverstone HM 19/3
    Boxmoor 21 26/3

    I ran the Watford HM in 1:39:07 on Sunday, your mileage is also looking good...

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