VisitScotland Adventure Tri - Falkirk 2005

Has any one done this event before? What sort of terrain does the trail run have, ie, what shoes do you wear??




  • Eeyin did it last year. Search on the Scottish runners thread or "Ironman Germany Triathlon 2006" thread for his new nickname "nospringchicken" and I'm sure he will tell you all about it.

  • Cheers PPB :)
  • Boffin

    I have entered this event

    I ran a cross country at Callander Park last year

    From what I can remember it was mostly grass and tarmac, with a bit of sand and gravel

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    When is it ?

    might be nice to visit the old home town if I can think of a good enough reason
  • AvalafAvalaf ✭✭✭
    2nd October and knowing that in know way constitutes an agreement to do said race.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    me out, I'm motor bike racing on the Saturday at Thruxton
  • Ta very much Guiseppe; no need for fell shoes then ;)

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