Tywyn Race the Train 2006

Well its only been 46 Hours since I crossed the finish line and still suffering from the hangover from the party that followed and have already sent off the entry form for next year !!

Anybody else??


  • Well I'm up for it, and have started a competing thread !! I was first too ;-)

    lol !

  • Perhaps we could have a race the thread thread ?
  • Oh Alex, I am soooo disappointed in you son LOL ;)
  • Now the question is did you beat me this year????
  • HaaaaaaaaaaaaaLLLoooooooooooooooooo!

    What's all this about 14.2 and 14.3 mile? You guys will still be on the railway bridge as the train approaches. It's now 14.5 miles, and that gets you all the way into the field.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Yes I would recommend arriving on Friday, it's just too far from civilisation to consider the stress of trying to get there on time on the day. Besides, it makes for a better party.

    I have got to wait for D1's aches to subside before she can be persuaded to do it again. When she's OK, I'll be up for 2 races!

    Two of us in the 5k fun run. This means I get a train ride. Just me on the 14.5 mile race, with D1 on the first train again. Camping of course, but I'll check out the other camp sites, as ours scored 6/10.

  • Didn't the signs say 14.7 miles ?

    Anyway, I did 2:09 (my watch).

  • Looks like your thread is in the lead already Alci, but will it beat mine to the turn .....
  • 49:33 at the turn, and I thought I'd blown it. Had to attack the downhills as well as the uphills. At least I made a load of places back.

    I thought that the clock on the line read 1:45:57 for me, but both my watch and the early results quoted the same 1:46:02. Not a bad final push.
  • The actual entry form said 14.2, if you read all the bumpth it said they change the course slightly every year because of farmers fields not being ready for use.

    Think I read on the old thread that last year it was 14.7.

    My Polar said it was 14.2, but who knows, could have been more.
  • ooooo Mr Alex, just noticed your time, you beat me by 4 minutes and 45 seconds - If it had been 14.7 miles I'd of had ya !! ;)

  • The distance markers said 14.7.
  • Did it? I know the 14 mile makrer was just as you got back to the main road so you would have assumed that it would be 14.7

    However from the 3 mile mark, my gps was exactly .5 of a mile out on every marker??

    Who knows
  • The race info on the Race the Train website says the distance is approx 14.75 miles.
  • Whatever, I admit that my brain was dead in the final mile or two, as I kept seeing signs in KM, Miles to go, miles gone, and reflecting 5k, 10k, and main race routes and distances. This is not a gripe to the organisers, as I couldn't do it better. I actually was not expecting any mile markers due to it being on the country.

    Having a few at the start was good, having a 7 mile mark was good, and having a few near the end was good. Throwing a sheep onto the line helped me too. (Oooops secret's out)
  • I take it you enjoyed yourself then Blisters and didnt forget your tent ! LOL Glad your daughter enjoyed herself - SHe feeling better now?

    So come on, own up, whos already sent their form in for 2006.

    1. HTA
  • So anyone else already entered??
  • Not entered yet but booked my accomodation.
  • I was really hoping to get to this event in August as it sounded such a brilliant, if not daft thing to do. Couldn't persuade the other half. Any advice on camp sites that will keep one sedentary husband, two active kids (8 and 10) and a sub 50 min 10k over 45+ happy.
  • Theres one a third of a mile from the start ! Cant remember what its called - Maybe blisters can help you !
  • Hi all and WA who I vaguely remember from the Seaview.

    I'm confused - not difficult I know. There's the difference in the dates, but I'm sure it's on the Saturday. Also I can't find any entry forms on the web-site so how has anyone entered already??????
  • Its on a Saturday as far as their web site and entry forms say. THink its just RW events that have it wrong.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi LW*

    Wasn't the Seaview a great race !
  • D1 has started her training for the 3 mile race!

    Went out with her for a whole mile, and completed it without taking a walk break. It's so nice to see young girls with rosy cheeks.

    I have bought my accommodation!

  • Where are you staying Blisters ? I have not sorted anything yet, any recommendations ?
  • Camping, and cooking for myself.

    Don't even think about trying to find a restaurant on spec that weekend, you'll end up driving miles away.

    Bring a portable BBQ and slay a cow.

  • I didn't bother trying last year, but stayed in Aber'wth. Was deadly dull.
  • Well I've been and gone and filled in the entry. Will be in the post tomorrow. Think the plan is to camp nearby for a few days. Should be good. Hve been wanting to do this a while now :-)
  • So anyone entered this yet - Not long to go now ;)
  • BONG
  • Ive entered but havent heard anything from the organizers have you HTA?
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