Have just booked an extended (5 day) bank holiday weekend in Cannes (hotel is very central, near to the railway station in the Boulevard d'Alsace). Have never been to this part of France before. Does any one have any knowledge of the area - particularly early morning and early evening running routes?


  • ah, Cannes, my favourite part of the Cote d'Azur. you can run along the see front but mind the dog poo, everyone seems to have little yappy dogs that poo on the pavement. To be honest I wouldn't bother running, just eat and drink in the old town, particularly Rue de Suquet - very near to where you're staying. Fantastic food, a bit pricey, but worth every penny.
  • Thanks Ali W - we head off at crack of dawn Thursday - I try and run wherever I go on holiday - enjoy seeing places in the early morning before the hordes arrive. Good way of scouting out places and geting to know an area.

    Incidentally do you happen to know the most convenient means of getting from Nice Airport to Cannes - the Nice Airport website shows a railway station near to terminal 1.
  • If you come straight out of the airport, you can board a regular bus that travels straight to Cannes (possibly along the sea front I think). It was about £5 (I think again!) & arrives in the middle of Cannes 300 yards from the train station. Don't get a taxi!
  • Thanks again Ali W - I've already been warned about the taxis. Was tempted to hire a car for our stay but I intend to be lazing on the beach (or by a pool) rather than doing much driving.
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