Trionium Magazine

After encouragement (and ideas) from RW web threads, I have given birth, today, 23 August 2005, to a new magazine: Trionium Magazine. It should be a laugh!

Register to download free it at the following address

I'll be interested to see how long RW allows this thread to exist!


  • Rob - you ought to post this in the Tri forum as well you know - that's where most of us nutters hang out..........
  • OK - nice one!
  • who are Conferio Ltd. ?
  • Conferio is a company I set up a year ago to publish UK Magazine. I couldn't muster any enthusiasm and the project just fizzled. Someone on a RW thread after the UK Ironman suggested that 220 magazine needed some competition, and I happened to have a suitable title and domain name (, and sufficient enthusiasm to launch magazine. You can read more about the genesis of Trionium in 'The Trionium Manifesto' which is in the first issue of the magazine.

    I'm doing this in my spare time: My main job is as editor of Global Slag Magazine (and you can download that at
  • ok, thanks.

    hmmm.... not sure i should open that last site while i'm at work ;-)
  • Aha, I ran out of time and energy on the Trionium Magazine... maybe when Global Slag (day job) takes up less of my time, I can return to Trionium Magazine!


  • If I laid off the slags i'd have more time and energy too.

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