What's Your Tapering Strategy ?

I'm running a local marathon in Longford, Ireland (www.longfordmarathon.com) this coming Sunday and so I'm in the middle of my last week and am tapering. I normally do this by only doing some light running every second day and not running at all the day before the race. Total miles for the week will be something like 20 at a slow pace. How does this compare with what others do. I'd be very interested to hear and it'll stop me going mad from not being able to train :-)


  • For a two week taper, I would be looking at reducing my 'normal' training week by 50% in the first week and then to 30% in the second week. I think the tip is not to reduce the intensity of the training but just to reduce the distance, so that you keep yourself sharp. If the race is on a Sunday I would make my last training run on the Thursday, I would take a rest day on the Friday, then a very easy couple of miles the night before the race.

  • PS. Good luck for Sunday :o)
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