This might give you a laugh.

Anyone who has read soem of my posts on the forum might have picked up that I train with my mate a luinchtimes from work. Just for the record my mate and I are both happily married (to our wives).

A while back we noticed that everytiem we went to change, either pre or post run another chap would arrive in the toilets and after having a pee would take an eternity to wash his hands, able to use the mirror to look into the shower area.

On making enquiries with the ladies in the office it turned out that this other chap was an uphill gardener and was getting his lunchtime jollies by watching us. My mate and I took to using the privacy curtain to stop him looking. However, one lunchtime I turned to my mate and asked him how his wife was, hoping for the reply fine how's yours. My mate's response was "She's alright - my arse don't half hurt from the other night." At which point I collapsed with laugther. It turns out my mate had been playing squash and was suffering from a sore glutimus maximus.

The traveller along the marmite motorway realised that he had been rumbled and never made a point of following into the changing rooms again.

(End of part 1).


  • Laugh? I nearly did.
  • Mop please! Tea all over the keyboard.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Now that really did make me laugh out loud.
  • I love the euphemisms - uphill gardener!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Just relayed this to my best friend who is gay. He LOLd, choked coffee down the phone and wants to know where you work?
  • boinged for research purposes
  • This is the funniest thing I've heard all day!!!

    Where's Part 2?
  • i would say mildly amusing, no more than that

    have heard MUCH funnier homophobic tales :-)
  • Parts 2 & 3 out over the next couple of weeks.

    Just for the record not homophobic but don't like having what I regard as my space invaded as it has been, unfortunately both my training partner and myself have track records of being fancied by shirt lifters, the close cropped haircuts could be a reason.

    Sezz - when you read part 3 you'll realise that I can't say where I work.
  • Part 2 (little bit boring but sets the scene for part 3).

    All pretty quiet in the office for a number of months and neither my training partner or myself were followed into the changing rooms for sometime, able to get on with our training and have the occasional laugh about how sad it is to have to get your jollies by watching a couple of blokes get changed.

    However, the team just down the corridor appointed a chap who happened to make Julian Clary look like one of the All Black front row.

    This particular chap seemed to take an instant liking to me. I couldn't move from my desk without him ogling my butt. It wasn't just me that was being aware of this the ladies in the office said everytime I moved or spoke he was looking over to see where I was.

    I was getting thoroughly ****ed of with this, was going to just let it pass when two incidents happened. My training partner came down to have a word with me initially about work but finished up talking about our weekend racing and training. This chap kept walking past us. When he got back to his desk one of his colleagues asked him if he fancied us he began panting like a dog. The second incident was when I was followed into the changing rooms I made it clear I didn't want that sort of attention.

    I then decided to have a word with his line manager who warned him off. Life in the office bacame more bearable as I wasn't being treated as eye-candy anymore.
  • oooh you poor sexually harassed thing you.

    lucky sod! ;-)
  • I wish I was that irresistible to men:-)
  • Whether it's homosexual or heterosexual attention, it really isn't appropriate behaviour in the work-place. Good on you for speaking to the line manager.

    Now, when's part 3?
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