My Training is Falling Apart

Hi all,

I'm having serious problems with my 100 day training programme which I'm using for the Windsor Half. In the last 4 weeks I have not completed a full set of 4 sessions. I'm not overly worried by missing my 30 minute session on Saturday as I always get my long run in on a Sunday morning.

However my main problem is coming with the two midweek sessions for which I've been using the treadmill. I have not completed fully any of the last 6 sessions on the treadmill. I'm finding that after about 15 minutes on the treadmill I'm sweating buckets, more than I do normally, and seem to have no energy and subsequently I have had to cut short the sessions.

My other concern is that I'm going away for a week on Friday and having fallen behind schedule will fall further behind by not actually doing anything whilst I'm away. I will be taking my running gear with me and would like to get out at least twice but i can see that not happening.

After I come back from holiday I'm also busy for the two weekends immediatley after so will have trouble fitting in my long run over those weekends, my current longest run is just over 9 miles in 90 minutes.

Anyway sorry for the long ramble but I am just a bit pi**ed off at the mo with my lack of performance and worried that all the hard work that I put in in the first 5 weeks of my programme will go to waste.

Thanks for listening!!



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    If you can run 9 miles now, you will be able to do the half, unless you don't move off the couch from now until the race. Sounds like your disappointing performances could be due to overtraining (especially if you have a busy "real" life), and a week off may do more good than harm. Can you plan a couple of long walks into your week away to keep you used to being on your feet?

    Keep up the long Sunday runs (or do one midweek if your weekends are busy - I'm doing my Sunday run tonight), and at least one other run for a couple of weeks, then ease back into the progam. Better a few missed runs than giving up altogether!
  • Gary

    Re: treadmills. It's not unusual to sweat more when running indoors. Still air, humidity, air con etc. Make sure that you keep hydrated during you're session - this might make it easier. As Nessie says, though, if you've got to nine miles in training you should be able to get to 13.1m in the race. But if you can do try and do at least one run further than that. It'll do your confidence the world of good. Try and relax, don't worry too much, take a bit of pressure off yourself and it'll all come together.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Gary,

    Hey, don't worry. I'm at the same stage of training as you, having just done my first 90 minute run. I sometimes struggle on the treadmill when doing my mid-week intervals and I'm very good a sweating too!

    I think Nessie is right and that it's probably down to overtraining - I took the back end of last week off because I just felt drained and I've come back with a vengeance this week. Why don't you just try a week of walking to give yourself a break?

    Don't give up, whatever else you do.

    ps Hope to see you at Windsor (it's my first 1/2 so I'll probably be near the back!)
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Gary, are you running too fast on the treadmill? This could be why you feel shattered after such a short period.

    My own experience shows that my pace on the treadmill is slower than outside, using the same heart rate.

    As for the long runs - don't feel as though you must do them at the weekend. I do mine when I can fit them in, which is quite often on a Friday.
  • Gary, if you can run 9 miles in 90 minutes you're doing really well. One of the things that happens when you train regularly is that you get to experience peaks and throughs in your motivation, performance, level of tiredness etc. It's really quite common to hit a bit of a low phase and this is when having a moan to likeminded people on the forum can help keep you on track. By that I don't mean never missing a session, but keep doing enough to maintain fitness, have a few easier sessions and focus on your key run - the long ones. Best of luck.
  • Hi Gary

    I'm following the 100 day schedule also - I'm aiming for New Forest on 22nd so I guess I'm a week ahead of you. I am finding it tough at the moment, especially with the pace runs which are becoming almost as long as the Sunday runs but with the added addition of 'pace' pressure mentally - am I going fast enough etc? So I kind of know how you feel.

    I have to confess I've missed all but one Saturday run - mainly due to being away almost every weekend and therefore struggling to even find time for the Sunday run. I also don't think I've been up to the pace I should be on the pace runs, or on the 'steady' long runs - when I've checked my route after wards I've not got far enough in the time.

    However, the way I see it is that at least I'm following a structured programme and trying my best. If I don't hit the time I'm trying for, then at least I should be faster than previous halfs as my training has been tougher.

    I agree with Rob re treadmills - I sweat absolute buckets. Why don't you try running the same intervals but at a slower pace? I did this at first and it really helped build my confidence, then I built the pace up to what it should be after a few weeks. Also, why don't you run the Thursday pace runs outside? I find it really boring running long runs on the treadmill which saps my motivation. Even if you don't run the precise distance/pace, you can calculate for how long the pace bit should last - e.g. 7M at 8minM = 58min - and just try to keep the pace up for that length of time.

    Hang in there - we're almost in the last phase. Do what you can and I'm sure it'll come good on the day. Just make sure you do what everyone else has said and get in some really long runs beforehand. If you're not going to outer mongolia on Friday why don't you try to find a gym nearby? Most do day entry and it means you don't have to worry about where to run or the heat. Also if you can manage to get up early and run first thing, I find it can be easier to fit into your day.

    Let us know how you get on,
  • Don't worry. I had something similar happen to me before my first half. I managed a 9 miler in 90 minutes: then went down with a serious dose of food poisoning so I didn't do any training at all for 2 weeks, and only had one week of easy runs before I did my half, which I was hoping to do in around 2.10 to 2.15.
    Anyhow, the run went fine and I finished in around 1.50: I think this was mainly due to having lots of other runners to tag along to in the race itself.
  • Dear all

    thanks very much for the words of encouragement, one thing is certain and that is that I'll be running Windsor come what may.

    Nessie: Life has been fairly stressful recently so that may be having an effect. I would love to do a couple of long walks whilst I'm away but I don't think my kids would appreciate that (they're 6 and 3)

    Rob: I certainly intend to do a run further than the 1/2 distance before I actually run the race

    Redhead: It's my first half as well so I'll be towards the back as well

    Drew: My treadmill pace usually equates to the pace I run at but my intervals are usually at a slightly faster pace (obviously), I don't own a HRM so wouldn't know what thw comparison would be. I don't normally have a problem fitting my long weekend run in as I normally go as soon as I get up on a Sunday morning, I enjoy the peace and solitude of my long runs.

    Laura L: I'll certainly be keeping up my long runs

    Doobs: I have specifically aimed my 1/2 pace at a speed that I know I'll be able to maintain for the whole race but the session I was running yesterday was at a pace at which I have previously run for 30 minutes on the treadmill as Nessie mentioned maybe it's over training.

    Weeble: That's encouraging but I'll be over the moon if I come home in less than 2 hours.

    I'm rambling again but thank you all very much for your support and I look forward to seeing all the Forumites who are running Windsor.


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