Heavy weight and high arch shoe

I used to run in a set of Adidas Galaxy with a set of orthotics, which have been great. They have now reached the end of the road.....sorry.....very bad.....

I am after a set of well cusioned running shoes for the heavy runner, with wide feet. I am looking at a set of New Balance 878 in a wide fitting.

Does this sound like a good alternatice to you?


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    The 878s sound good, alternatively you could try the Saucony Grid Jazz or Trigons.

    Adidas doesn't come up that wide, so most shoes are going to seem wider than your old ones, I think.
  • New Balance are excellent - I've got the lighter 829, whihc is excellent for pace training/racing, but not great for a 'heavy' runner. Have you considered the Air Pegasus - good for cushioning?
  • I tried unsuccessfully to find a pair of Air Pegasus 2000 Wide.

    I tried several other pairs of Adidas but found them way too narrow. The Galaxy's must have been a freak for Adidas.

    Being as I am a now retired (At the ripe old age of 28) rugby forward I am carrying quite a lot of weight (17st 4), so cushioning is most important!

    Thanks for the comments.
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