Hamstring Stretches

I have developed a pain in the back of my knee after a 19km run yesterday. It hit me in the last 10 metres of my run. From reading up on RW it appears to be a hamstring strain. Have to admit I'm not very good at doing my stretches after a run, especially hamstring ones. Do lots when i run in the gym during the winter but they seem to fall by the wayside over the rest of the year when I run outside.

Which hamstring stretches do you recommend? Which give the best results?

TT ;0)


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Grab a belt and lay flat on your back. Loop the belt round your foot, draw it tight with your hand and raise your leg, keeping it straight, until you feel the stretch. Ideally, your leg should get close to the vertical. Hold for 10 seconds, then raise a bit further if you can for a further 5 seconds.

    Here's another. Try to touch your toes and note how far you get. Grab a tennis ball and place it under the sole of your foot. Roll it around, pressing down with your foot hard enough for it to be uncomfortable but not so hard that it hurts. About 30-45 seconds should do it. Repeat with other foot. Now touch your toes again, and see the difference.

    I asked on the forum how this one works once, and I can't remember the answer. But it works.
  • After you have had a bath or shower place your foot on the edge of the bath, keeping it straight then dry your leg! Stretching without needing to make extra time to do it!!
  • I lie on my back and then lift leg (slightly bent) to stretch out hamstring. Physio recommended this when I was recovering from slight hamstring tear. Is fab for giving a good stretch right down the length of your hamstring. I also use a belt/rope for stretching, as suggested by Muttley
  • Thanx all! I've read up online on various stretches for hamstring but they just don't feel the same as the stretches you do on other muscles, hard to explain and might just be me.

    I never feel like I am getting a good deep stretch and don't seem to get any more flexibility in my hamstring even after months of stretches. Which is probably why I stopped bothering and why i got injury.

    But will start doing more stretches now. Leg seems to be on the mend today, think I'll be able to do run tomorrow no probs. Fortunately just a very mild strain this time and will be gone in day or two I think.

    TT ;0)
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