Pain around achilles - Help!


Been running on and off for 3 years - but no expert!

I am about to run the GNR and then BLNM in a few weeks time, however I feel that I may have picked up an injury.

The problem is my training hasn't gone according to plan and I have only been doing one long run a week; between 11 - 15 miles, but not much else! I know this isn't the best form of training! However during my long run (12 miles)yesterday, I noticed my right achilles(I think!) getting painful. I completed the run but now it is painful(currently not excrutiating!) but dont want it to get any worse.

2 qustions - Can I just carry on running through it? And what do you 'experts' recommend?

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.



  • Could be what I have had -achilles tendonitis. I saw a physio had some treatment and stayed off running for 6 weeks! Did you warm up properly for the run -apparently that didn't help in my case. Also do much more stretching now and warm up properly by starting runs with a walk and slow start.
  • Thanks for the reply - although ain't good as my runs are in 3 and 5 weeks respectively!

    I am gonna try lots of strecthing and say my prayers!

    See how I go on in the 1/2 and take it form there!

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