Ron Hill dxb tracksters

Hello all,

I received my lovely new pair of Ron Hill dxb tracksters today, and there were loads of washing instructions. The one that got my was to use 'pure soap flakes' instead of regular washing detergent, or risk losing the waterproofing. This sounds so stupid - but what are 'pure soap flakes'?? Are they on the shelves right next to the regular washing powder?

Any washing tips for me then?

(who is obviously spending too much time in the library!)


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lux flakes - my Mum used to use them all the time. I think they should be next to the "normal" stuff in the supermarket.

    Just don't put the flakes in the automatic - they tend to foam a lot. Messy. Handwash only - sorry.
  • I hate handwashing, so wash all my kit in Persil 'Silk and Wool' on a low temp setting, and so far no ruined kit.

    But may I please have a rant: does anyone else get perturbed by the sheer volume of laundry that this running vocation produces? I used to think that the solution was to buy more kit, but my flat is perpetually festooned in shorts, running tights, sports bras, and a million socks.

    OK, I feel better now. Ta.

  • Washing - tell me about it Dalya! At least the Coolmax tops dry nice and quickly.
  • Dalya - and the catch is, the more one runs, the more dirty kit one needs to wash! I just bought another pair of shorts and vest this weekend, in order to have more clean kit! Need another sports bra too, but I need to save up for it first.

    I wash everything on low temperature, with non-bio powder, and then let it air dry. But I guess I'll have to get some of thos Lux flakes now - thanks for the suggestion Nessie.
  • Both my wife and I are runners so we have double the amount of kit! I agree with Mungus; at least the Coolmax type of stuff dries very quickly. In the winter though we seem to have even more kit lying around: Ron Hill jackets, baselayer tops and thermal polo neck tops, gloves and hats or earwarmers!
    Never mind, I would rather have all this than be a couch potato!
  • Hope that it's OK for a mere chap to get involved with the washing?
    I've had DXB Bikers for 2 years and they are always washed with normal detergents for automatics.They are still water resistant except for the bum area! The water resistant finish if applied correctly by the manufacturer should last indefinitely. Boring but true!
  • What about heating after washing then? There was a huge label on the tracksters instructing tumble drying or ironing. Is it all a cruel, cruel lie? (Would be nice if it were - I don't even own an iron.)
  • Lux flakes????? Ironing your running clothes????? whence comes this madness?

    just keep running in yesterday's clothes - works for me. s.
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