how far will you go?....can you help me

Open & up front......I'm after your information, this thread is open to anybody so none is a secret

Those of you who may know me, know i work in a running store. I have a question to ask...

How far would you be willing travel, to get to a specialist running store, rather than just make do with a sports shop that stocks a few shoes, or the high street chain store or shopping online/mail order.

thnaks JB


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I have to travel from Inverness to Edinburgh or Glasgow (155 and 170 miles respectively) to get to a specialist running shop. We have a small "good" shop locally, but they only stock Asics, which I can't get on with. Only alternative is JJB or mail order.

    I don't make a special trip to go to the running shop - but will factor a visit in if I'm going to be in the central belt for any other reason.

    Difficult to say how far I'd travel "just" to get to a shop, as there aren't any closer, but possibly up to 50 miles.
  • There's a perfectly good shop here in Portsmouth, but I always go to one in Worcester when I'm 'up north' visiting my folks, because it's much better. So not a specific journey as such, but I will make an excuse to visit them when I need new shoes! It's about 150 miles away...

  • thanks, so far.......
  • How lazy am I - there are two shops I like - one 30 miles one about 40.
  • I have been know to travel about 60 miles but if someone recommended a very good shop I would probably try it

    went 120 miles to go to a triathlon shop
  • Erm, the nearest one to me is about 0.7 of a mile and I can walk there at lunchtimes.

    But I have travelled about 50 miles to get to a decent tri shop ?
  • I am lucky my local sports shop (non chain store) family run has a few runners in it and they are happy to order bits in for me.

    I tend to travel 30 miles to another running shop as they have stuff avaliable and it means I am not hanging around for 10 days waiting for something to come in but like others have said if it was 60-100 miles away to a great store, I may well go as sometimes the larger chain stores make me feel silly for asking a question, so that in its self is worth the travelling hope that helps you?

    But I must be honest with the use of the internet I am getting lazy and buying things of the net !
  • There is nothing on the Isle of Man so I have to fly to get to a decent specialist running shop. I only ever go when I'm over though, I think I'd need a lottery win before I made a trip specifically to go shopping.
  • I go into london or dartford 50-60 miles for trainers but for the odd top a local sports shop is okay as long as it's the right material......they are getting better at stocking this sort of thing now -I even found a nice top in Millets recently!
  • thanks again, by the way you are all helping with a big business decision that the store i work at is making. you're shaping the future.!!!
  • I going to vote for the other side.... I wouldn't bother to go to a running specific store unless it was very close ( 15-20 minutes drive max) - I'd use the internet instead. This is for two reasons - I've been running a while and generally know what sizes etc I want, plus I'm very small (shoe size 3) and many running shops don't stock much in my size anyway so a waste of time for me.

  • I'll travel around the 50 miles distance because I have to. I have used the internet before because of no other choice, (I knew the size and shoe type from previous experience), but if a shop was available, I would use that instead.

    Interesting question as I've been doing similar research myself!

    What you up to then, Jethro?
  • greeny ol chap long time no speaky....
    probs caus i'm so busy, and not getting to play on here much. wot you thinking about greeny?
  • Yes, very long time!

    I asked first!!
  • EP you're about to get mail
    Greeny you maybe too
  • I'll email you too, Jethro!
  • I live in Liverpool, and have travelled to Chorley and Bolton specifically to go to running shops, I've also been to one in Solihull, but I was there anyway so it probably doesn't count. I'd probably go back to the Bolton one quite happily, I wasn't really impressed enough with the Chorley one to go there again. I travel around a lot with work as well and usually try to pop into anywhere in the area if I have time.

    I'd probably buy my next pair of shoes off the internet now, but I've found I need to try shorts on so I may be going back to Bolton soon.
  • 80 Miles round trip. West Reading to Abingdon's Fit2Run.
  • I travel the same Distance as Greeny as we live in the same town:-)

    Do buy things on line that are cheaper or if I dont have time to travel.

    hoping a shop will open in my town soon:-)
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  • Hmm, Fit2Run eh? I'll have to try that - it's an easier round trip from West Reading than my 100 mile circuit to Runners Need at Liverpool St in London.

    Of course, I copuld go to Sweatshop in Reading (10 miles round trip) but for shoes I'll always go somewhere I can trust.
  • Loki - which one in Chorley didn't you like? There's a Sweatshop and an On The Run.

    I'd travel about 30 miles each way but I luckily I don't need to as I live near Chorley and I'm happy there :o)
  • I don't have far to travel - 6 miles to a proper running shop (Pixie's chairman)

    I try to buy most stuff there - can try it on and it seems mean to try stuff there and then buy over the internet to save a few pounds
  • IG, I agree with your sentiments...
  • interesting responses, thank you all
    What is very interesting is the fact that many of you pass nearer running stores to go to another. For example IG going from Reading to fit 2 run in Abingdon or central London. When Apex in slough is much closer then either.
    I can understand the case of not going to a store, though maybe close, but have had a poor experience at.
    Although all these replies are great, i doesn't seam to have our decision any easier !!!

  • Apec is absolutely miniscule to be fair, thus the selection available doesn't warrant the drive for me. I think it's a rather extreme case Jethro
  • www.rb
    sorry if this came across as 'having a dig' at IG, cause that is not the case.
    It has put a new perspective in with our thoughts.
    thanks again
  • It didn't sound like you were having a dig chap, after all, IG is only exercising his consumer rights. I was just explaining why his unusual 'shopping-migration' patterns may be the case.
  • Teddington for me, despite being in the middle of two other branches of the same shop. Reason: the former is not only larger but has consistently performed better in terms of staff knowledge and willing to help.
    Just found a new-ish branch of U&R though down near chandlers ford - not local for me but a one of my customers so easy to pop in on way home. (& v.helpful)
    This is all for shoes though - most other stuff comes via the web now.
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