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Settle an argument. Someone's trying to tell me that the expected finish time can influence whether you get in on the ballot. This bod's evidence is that there's a box on the outside of the envelope where you have to put your expected finish time - I can't remember if this is right - anyone got one handy? What are the boxes on the outside of the envelope? I thought it was just whether you're donating your entry fee or not.


  • On the outside of the envelope is boxes for:
    Your name and address
    Whether you wish to bequeath
    Box 1 - finish time
    Box 2 - No. times accepted in ballot since 2001
    Box 3 - No. time rejected since 2001
  • Odd - bloke from FLM office tolkd me there wasn't a box for your finish time!

    Wonder why it's there?
  • Odd - bloke from FLM office told me there wasn't a box for your finish time!

    Wonder why it's there?
  • Boing - does anyone know why they put your expected time on the outside of the envelope? If they're not pre-selecting on expected time, why's it there?
  • It's all heresay, but the common feeling is that they must do some profiling by time to even the numbers in the pens out...I always put 7h00 and get my pen changed at the expo.......50% success rate
  • Andy mate

    I have been applying for the FLM for 12 years and done it 9 times all through the ballot. Yes there is and has always been a box for your predicted time. The other 2 are for how many times exepted via the ballot and the other for how many times rejected. I firmly believe that your predicted finish time determines whether you get in or not. The reason is that IF the ballot was ENTIRELY random and they just picked any envelopes for acceptance it is feasible that they could get 50 % of finishers in the 3-15 slot and another 50%in the 4-415 slot. I do not think its a coincidence that there is an even flow of finishers up to 5 hours or more. The organisers must ensure that this is so and not have massive groups all finishing at the same time. I even remember hearing David Bedford saying once its essential there is an even flow of finishers.
  • So that means that as I suspec the majority of GFA entries are blokes, who'll mostly be running under 3:15, then theoretically you've less chance of getting a ballot place if you put that as a time?

    Oh bugger...
  • Although I'm pretty sure someone's said that the finish is noticeable quieter until 3:30 is past, thyen gets really busy from about 3:45 to 5:00 then quietens off again (apart from the odd rhino and deep sea diver) - so maybe 3:15 isn't that busy a time after all.

    Wonder what'd happen if you put 2:25? ;-)
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    In recent years.. on average there are approx 80-100 runners per minute finishing between 3:00 and 3:15. You can double that and more for times around 4:00. By this logic you have more chance of getting in by putting sub 3:15 as your expected time. Judging by your estimated time for the Brass Monkey 3:15 is a distinct possibility.

    If you put 7hrs you will end up in a pen at the back. If you put 2:25 they will want to see some evidence as it is a championship qualifying time {o:

    I ran 3:12 off the blue start in 2002. The first 2-3 miles were a bit crowded but after that there was no congestion at all. It is a very clean start from green.
  • Hi guys

    Im just filling out the form for this years FLM. The only race i have done so far is a 5K. I intend to start training now, but do not know how long it should take me to complete the race? If any one could help me with what to put on the entry form i would be grateful.

  • Cheers Wardi - I ran 3:23 last year and felt fairly comfortable, so I'll be having a proper bash at 3:15 this time. I put 3:30 (I think) last year, and they put me in Pen 6! They moved me up to 4 at the expo (I'd run a sub-90 half a few weeks before, so was pretty confident I wouldn't hold anyone up), but pens 1-3 were quite small, so I think I was over the line in less than a minute.

    I've got a charidee place his year, but I've also entered the ballot and will also see about a club place, so will very possibly be on red again.

    Nicola - there's a race time predictor somewhere on this site - you can put your 5k time in and it'll give you an estimate for your marathon time.

  • On the subject of entry forms, what do folk do if they have changed address/name etc. over the last 5 years of applying. i have put a note on the envelope to say I have had 2 surnames and 3 addresses and there are details inside. I'm a bit worried though that they won't pay much attention and just think well we've never heard of her before and bin me yet again. Anyone had any experience of this?
  • Thanks andy - I have started training but am not sure how long i should be running for? will keep looking on the website for direction.

  • Nix, there will be training schedules in RW from December/January onwards, for all levels of runner.

    My friends and I followed one last year, and it worked out very well.
  • Wow 3.30 or bust - thats an amazing hit rate.

    Last year I organised entries for 12 people they all applied through the ballot, and not one person got in.

    What time do you put on the envelope ?
  • iron cougie

    I am just lucky I guess but dint get in last year. I think if you read the above posts especially the one from Wardi you will get a clue. If the majority of finishers are between a certain time its best to stick clear of that. As I say they need a constant flow through the finish.

    Whatever happens I suppose we will have numerous posts on the subject of getting a place and the rights and wrongs of it all come early November. Still think there should be a more structured way of getting in. In all I think London could take numerous tips from the organisation of the entry for the NYCM especially the internet entry system. Lets face it the method of applying for the FLM is a bit old hat. How much money must they spend printing application forms and the tons of nearly usless magazines sent out !
  • having never done anything like this iam having to start training straight away, so it will be very sad if half way through i find out that i do not have a place.

    I was thinking of also entering through a charity but the thought of having to raise a set amount of money is quite scary. I really dont know how much i will be able to raise.

    im starting to think that im mad trying to run the flm when the longest i have done so far is 5k?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Yes you are mad Nix, but no more so than a lot of the people who enter FLM. As any mountaineer will tell you, no point in tackling Everest if you can't climb shorter peaks. Don't worry though, you have plenty of time. If you are willing to put in the hard training during the winter months you should be OK. Start now, try building up your mileage gradually, and try some longer races, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon. This will give you an idea of the challenge ahead.

    The ballot gives you a 1 in 4 chance these days so don't raise your hopes too much. Some folks think that the FLM is the only worthwhile marathon in the world if you read some of the comments and reactions on these forums. This is nonsense of course, there are plenty of others to consider if you don't get into London, wonderful event though it is.

    The charity issue is your decision, generally the better known the charity is the more money they will expect you to raise. Most of them want between £1000 and £2000 minimum.

    Best of luck to you, hope you get in.
  • thanks for the advice, i plan to enter a 10k in jan and a half marathon in march, if i do not get a place i will enter for a different marathon. so far im enjoying training, although still not really sure if im doing quite enough.

    thanks again wardi, i will need all the help that i can get.
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