replacements for Nike Structure Triax

I'm currently running in Nike Structure Triax, and although there's plenty of life left in them I'd like to find another pair of road shoes to rotate with them and vary the stresses etc., so does anyone know which are the most similar shoes from the other manufacturers?

I'm also after some trail shoes, I've been using Asics Gel Tioga and have been really happy with them, but they're not supportive enough for really long runs. Does anyone have any suggestions for the trail shoe equivalent of the Nikes in terms of support etc.?

any suggestions or particularly personal experience would be gratefully recieved.



  • Another pair of Structure Triax??? If it ain't broke, don't fix it :-)
  • If you are happy with Nike Structure Triax you probably should stick with them.
    I alternate a pair of these with Nike Air Kantara which are on/off road shoes and slightly heavier that the Nike Structure Triax.
    I tend to use the Triax ones on nice days and the Kantaras when its poorer weather.
  • cheers guys - I'd like to stick to the principle of having two different pairs of shoes, particularly as I head more onto the roads as the evenings get darker, to spead the stresses on my feet and ankles. I guess a new pair and a worn-in pair might feel like different shoes though, so I might just get another pair of the Nikes - they are good.
  • FWIW - I used to run in Structure Triax, but have now switched to Asics GT2100 after an injury. I was advised that the gel cushioning system was better than Nike's air. No problems so far...
  • I used to use air struc triaxes (with an added "heel wedge" made of rubber by my physio) until a few months ago. I'm currently using the Kantaras, and find I dont need the extra heel wedge with them as they are similar but a bit more supportive.
    My reason for the change was that that Kantaras are supposed to be "better" but I got an offer where they were actually cheaper. If that ceases to be the case I'll probably go back to the triaxes and the extra insert.
    I still use the old(ish) triaxes occasionally for short runs.
    I've also used Asics GT 2070s in the past, they seemed similar but havent tried the latest incarnation -- as everyone says, if it aint broke dont fix it.
  • I've just gotten my second pair of shoes, I also wanted another pair so I could rotate and I really loved my Nike Structure Traix - went to a nice friendly running store tried on 10 pairs and ended up with the latest Asics Foundation. Have done one run in them so far and they are really comfy (the Nike are more worn in so I tend to stick to them but am trying to rotate everyday day.
  • Thanks again for the responses, I nearly bought some Asics GT 2100 in a sale, but they didn't have my size. Found a couple of threads about supportive trail shoes (search for "906" if you're interested).
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