Cross Trainer?

Ok have been running now for about 2 weeks outside and am tempted to give up my gym membership and just concentrate on running. But I would like to get a piece of equipment to use at home on "rest" days and also as a warm-up, cool-down thing. Is a cross trainer a good thing for this purpose or not? Where is the best place to get one???



  • I got a All terrain bike, best cross trainer ever!!

    I did buy a cross trainer once but I soon got bored of it and sold it.
  • Hi Catherine, just want to chip in, I am new to running, have done a couple of treadmill runs and two outside which has already got me considering quitting the gym too. I'd like to invest in a bike for my rest days but I like the idea of a cross-trainer so I'll be watching this thread for opinions...
  • got the cross trainer when i first started out, ideal for winter months when weather bad but hardly gets used during summer,i just want to get out there and run and run and run.
  • Doing some cross training is an excellent idea. Running puts a lots of stress on your legs and cross training will reduce the likelihood of injury while helping to maintain your fitness. I would recommend a bike over any piece of gym equipment. I was unable to run for a few weeks this year and put loads of extra miles on my bike. It's much more enjoyable than pounding away on a machine and you can always plan a ride to include a stop for refreshments (now, where did I put my Good Pub Guide?)
  • Cross-training - you don't need extra equipment. Get into a swimming cossie and go swimming... and get a bike and go cycling. Both are excellent for CV fitness and both are brilliant for resting the joints from running. Also... extra equipment at home - simply makes a nice clothes horse!

    Mister W -- no mail for me this morning..? Slacker!!! Oh and planning rides huh..? :-D
  • Yes its ok and you can buy it from

    they have wide ranges of equipment available with them

  • Thanks Roger - I have been looking for a cross trainer for 7 years and at last you come along. it is then.
  • I bought an Exercise Bike from Amazon, called 'F-Bike'.  It folds up really small and does a really good job.  Two issues with it though: first off, the seat is awful: get some sort of Gel seat cover for it, and it has no wheels - so you either have to lift it completely off the ground, or drag it which isn't the best thing for carpet.image  It's currently £78 or so. image

    Since the past week or so, I've been doing HIIT on it, which I hope will speed some results along before too long.  With all the training I do, and the sweeping changes I've made to my diet, God knows I deserve some results...

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