Running in the Snow!?

Since this is not something that happens all that often, I thought I would just like to know what everyone will do for running today!? It is my long run night and I can't run on the treadmill for 2 hours! But the pavements seem to be too slippery as well! What will you be doing?


  • I've been doing most of my running off road this past week because of the snow. Using fell shoes on snowy grass is a lot safer than icy pavements.

    I've noticed a few runners on the roads and they seem to be running in the road where its been gritted rather than on the pavement.
  • I'm wondering what i'm going to be able to do tonight too ... also wondering if i'm going to have a train running to get home from work ;)

    Will def. be running in the park rather than roads tonight .. might have to try running in my astro boots to give me more grip on the grass.
  • I was running round my local country park last night in the dark with a headtorch. Just find somewhere with lots of grass to run on. Snowed/forsted up golf courses and country parks are good.

  • Yea I was wondering about this too. I should be doing a 7 miler tonight but am thinking of running the 1.5 miles to the track and doing the ballance there. Mind you the prospect of clocking about 16 laps is not a good one....
  • I run almost all the time in the forest anyway,so no change there, just came in from 10km in the snow, hard work but worth it.
  • Had a 4.5 mile run lunchtime in the snow around Regent's Park and stuck in a few hill reps at Primrose Hill for good measure. It was glorious and must admit quite liberating...there are some pitfalls (almost turned my ankle on a root) but wouldn't miss running in it for the world. Snow is still pretty new so had no real problems, though I was running with a guy with trail shoes on who was getting really good grip.

    Did a track session last night and it was more precarious than today cos it was very icy. Suppose the secret is trying to find somewhere that hasn't been too trodden down as even lunchtime bits where lots of people had already walked were already icing up!!!
  • I can see that tonight will be more diffucult, since the snow is now becoming hard ice. Eeeekkkk! I will save my limbs and hit the good old treadmill tonight!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Ran in the snow on Tuesday, but I have to confess to wimping out of last night's run. I don't have an off-road option and running in the road round where I live would not be very sensible! Pavements were very slippery and as my route is hilly I didn't fancy going A over T on the way down!

    On another note, what do other runners do to protect their faces in this weather? I really enjoyed Tuesday's run (a couple of extra layers and I was fine) but found the discomfort of a freezing face almost unbearable. I know it's vain but I'm worried about skin damage from the intense cold (my skin is sensitive and I have to be careful of tiny broken capillaries). I slathered on a layer of Clinique's 'Weather Everything' environmental cream, but short of running in a balaclava (which would probably get me arrested!) I don't know what else I can do. What do other people do?
  • Personally, when it gets down below freezing, I put vaseline on my face to keep out the wind/cold. I find it works and it actually seems to give me a mini facial as my skin always feels great after my post run bath!
  • Bottled out of last night as i nearly broke all limbs whilst slipping on the ice walking home from the station so had a rest day instead of today. Braved it this morning and made it to the common in one piece running there on the road (there are hardly any cars on the road at 6am and the pavements are a complete no go area!). Really enjoyed it but really tough on the old legs, they've never felt so heavy ...
  • Ran while it was snowing last night so pavements not too slippery, more crunchy. Think the covering here in the Midlands is quite light but it made for a lovely run. Fastest run this year in fact.

    Mental note to remove make-up before leaving, as arrived home looking like Alice Cooper after two big snowflakes in the eye....
  • No snow showers up here in Dundee Scotland yet :(

  • extra rest day fo me tonight as the pavements are still lethal and running in the road is not an option... hey ho!!
  • We've had 4 to 6 inches of snow on the ground for a week now, running in it is great but much harder than usual, great strength workout very like running in soft sand, plus the temp hasn't got much over -4 by day and -7 or 8 at night. I know I'm going to benefit from this come summer, but right now it's getting very hard to get out there after work!
  • I bottled out yesterday and today - I really should have gone out as there are grassy bits all over Blackheath and Greenwich Park - it's the mile or so getting there on pavements like ice rinks that bothers me! I went out in my hiking boots today to post a letter and nearly broke my ankle slipping over....this is where I wish I had a treadmill at home!
  • Some people are really dedicated to keep on running even on the ice and snow. Good on you! I personally feel that I would rather spend time in the gym or on the treadmill when the weather is bad. Rather risk loosing a day or two's worth of good running than loosing a limb!
  • nearly died on the ice walking back from the station, so no run for me. I was tempted by my girlfriends aerobics dvd, but decided to spend the night eating instead!
  • Twice round the snow covered Golf course at the back of my garden on Tuesday and Once around the snow covered (hilly) country park on Thurs. Neven ran in the snow before, but I've just got some Adidas Swoop fell shoes and had to try them out. Felt great and looking forward to more of the white stuff (probably in about 2 years time then!).
  • Excellent...coincidentally I have just bought some Adidas Swoop shoes at lunch time running the Benfleet 15 at the end of month and my cross country spikes don't cope well with the on-road bits...
  • Without turning this into an Adidas Swoop thread, I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable shoes i've worn. Straight out of the box they fit me perfectly and loads of grip too.
  • Cool...looking forward to trying them out...
  • Are they support shoes? I'm looking for a good pair of off-roaders but I'm an overpronator and a lot of them don't seem to offer enough support.
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